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Sunday, May 17, 2015

2 Yr Old Aubrie Starr Preparing for Lung Transplant - Please Pray

Below are a series of brief Facebook posts from Aubrie Starr's mom. Aubrie has Pulmonary Hypertension and Branch Pulmonary Artery Hypoplasia. PH, itself, is often fatal without a lung transplant, or sometimes a lung and heart transplant.

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Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
7 May at 16:28 ·
Little Miss Aubrie has a low grade fever
I will monitor her through the night, if it begins to rise we will see a Dr tomorrow morning. Praying it is something simple and goes away quickly!!

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
7 May at 20:27 ·
Aubrie's fever is still going up
She is now at 101.4 and breathes are shorter and faster. I hate to admit it but we will more than likely end up in the ER tonight.

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
8 May at 01:39 ·
So we have been at the hospital for hours and have not had contact with anyone since we checked in, we were placed in a room immediately and had been sitting there all night. Not one nurse even came to check on her the entire time. I just went off on the nurses and told them i would have her seen somewhere else and left. Now off to another hospital.

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
8 May at 06:27 ·
We are finally back home... Aubrie is going to be better soon!!

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
8 May at 13:32 ·
No energy to get up. She is still in bed watching videos on her ipad.

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr
Yesterday at 13:51 · 16 May
In just 1 week we will be on our way to Ohio (from North Carolina, I believe) for an entire week of testing and meeting so many new people who will change our lives forever. This journey will be filled with so many emotions, but we are going to make the best of every moment. Each day i will post updates for everyone. Please continue to pray for our family as we embark this next path in life. Pray that nothing goes according to the itenerary but everything goes according to God's plan. I have faith in him!
I don't know how you would survive without it!

Hope PHor Aubrie Starr 
Yesterday at 16:10 · Edited · 16 May
We need your help!! We would like to find as many prayer warriors as possible before we leave next week for Aubrie's lung transplant evaluation.

Please "SHARE" and "LIKE" 'HOPE PHOR AUBRIE STARR'....then comment where you are praying from, lets see how far the prayers spread!

This week, Aubrie will be going to Ohio for evaluation, testing, and perhaps planning for a transplant. The family is asking for prayer cover for this week, so I am posting this and asking for you to either go to facebook - Hope PHor Aubrie Starr and let them know you are praying and what country you are praying from,  or, please let me know what country you will be praying from and I will pass it on. This will be an incredible gift for Aubrie both now and when she is older.

I expect that when the opportunity for a transplant comes that it will be very sudden and there may not be time to ask for prayer at that moment. So please keep that in mind when you pray.

Please RT, +1, repost, forward any way you can until we get thousands praying for this amazing little girl. God bless.