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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

God's Direction

One way God literally directs our steps is through timing and circumstance. Last night I walked my dog (yes, only one dog now, we loaned the other to our grandchildren for a couple weeks and never got her back – we’re in a shared custody deal now) on our usual route past the back of a small building next door and into the park in front of the Abbotsford courthouse.

As we returned, I noticed a card and an I-phone holster lying in the ivy on the ground. I looked around for more stuff as I suspected a robbery of some sort had taken place, but found nothing. Today, I walked through that path again as I took the holster and the CAA card over to the police office which is just a five minute walk from here. I hardly thought it worthwhile, especially since I had handled them both so much that fingerprints were unlikely, (obviously I wasn’t in NCIS mode) but did it anyway.

At the police station there was a line-up, and it did not move one person in 15 minutes. I decided that it really wasn’t worth my whole afternoon and left. On the way back home I took a different path through the small field of ivy and noticed some papers lying on the ivy. I scooped them up and examined them and found the same name on the papers as was on the CAA card.

I decided that there had to be a purse around somewhere and within a few seconds a glint of metal caught my eye and I found a large wallet under the ivy. I opened it just long enough to see that the driver’s license was in there, and it belonged to the same woman as the papers and card. I immediately returned to the police station where the line-up moved very quickly and was able to give them the items and get out of there in a few minutes.

Some people would call that coincidence. I might even call it coincidence if these kinds of things didn’t happen so often as to be statistically absurd.