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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yatsenyuk Asks Parliament to Allow Foreign Military in Ukraine

AP Photo/ Michael Sohn

The Ukrainian government asked the parliament to let foreign troops in if they "support peace and security" under UN or EU resolutions.

Polish and US soldiers look at a missile defense battery during joint exercises.
Nuclear Paranoia: Kiev May Deploy Missile Defense Systems Over 'Threats'

KIEV (Sputnik) – The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has requested the country’s parliament to allow foreign military personnel into the country if they are providing security under resolutions set out by the United Nations or the European Union, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Wednesday.

“We are addressing the parliament to amend legislation on the order of allowing for and under which conditions units of armed forces from other governments may exist in Ukraine. The government proposes to the parliament to allow foreign units into Ukraine if they are fulfilling operations of supporting peace and security under resolutions from the UN or the European Union,” Yatsenyuk said.

This has been a long time coming, if it comes. In another recent piece I suggested that the Crimea might still belong to Ukraine if foreign soldiers suddenly appeared in Crimea to counter the 'little green men'. 

Foreign soldiers would make it less likely that Russia would enter Ukraine with an all-out invasion, and may even make them re-think the policy of 'allowing' Red Army soldiers on vacation from relaxing in the foxholes of eastern Ukraine.

Now, that makes this a very dangerous time for Ukraine since any planned further aggression by Russia will need to be moved up to occur before foreign troops arrive.