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Monday, February 29, 2016

‘Stone Women! Kill Apostates!’ Denmark’s Pro-ISIS Mosque in New Controversy

The Grimhojvej Mosque. © Yasmine Hassan / YouTube

A leading preacher at a mosque in the Danish city of Aarhus has been filmed advocating death to adulterers, infidels and apostates. Authorities have repeatedly failed to shut down the mosque, which has supplied more ISIS recruits than any other in Denmark.

Filmed for the documentary ‘Mosques behind the Veil’, broadcast on the state-funded TV2 channel, the hidden-camera footage shows a room, in which the bearded imam Abu Bilal Ismail is holding a lesson in front of a blackboard.

“If a married or divorced women engages in fornication, and she is not a virgin, she should be stoned to death. If someone violates their marriage, either man or woman, they commit adultery and they should be killed by stoning. If the woman is a virgin, what should the punishment be?” asks Ismail.

“The lash,” replies a chorus of high-pitched voices. Later footage shows that the preacher is addressing a room of women, with their small children playing, and sat at their feet.

Almost 40 percent of Danish Muslims would like to see the country’s laws based partly on the Koran, according to a poll for Jyllands-Posten. Anti-immigration supporters say the results show “the number of Muslims in Denmark is a problem.”

The survey, conducted by Wilke for Jyllands-Posten, found that over 10 percent of Muslims asked said that Danish law should be solely based on the Koran, while over one-quarter believe the country’s legislation should be a mixture of the Islamic holy book and the Danish constitution.

Ismail then moves onto the treatment of apostates and non-Muslims.

“Anyone who leaves the religion, becomes an apostate, must be killed. If someone does not believe, if he is stubborn and refuses guidance, he must be slain,” continues Ismail. “An infidel who kills a Muslim, deserves to die.”

The man giving the Sharia lesson is no stranger to the authorities. Last year, Ismail, who has given sermons all over Europe, was fined 75,000 Danish Krone ($10,900) for an incitement to “kill the Zionist Jews” in Berlin back in 2014. He has explained that he was “misunderstood,” and that he merely called for “Allah to smite them.”

Meanwhile, the Grimhoj mosque, where the footage was shot, is the most notorious in the country. Out of 100 Danes who have been confirmed as Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq, more than 20 were regular worshipers at the nondescript yellow-brick building in Denmark’s second city.

Its chairman Oussam El-Saadi also repeatedly came out in support of Islamic State’s actions in the Middle East, saying that he “hoped that it would come out on top” and that “Muslims deserve to have their own state in the world, without interference from the West.”

Hmmm. There aren't any Muslim states with autonomy? Seriously! What you mean is that all of Europe and the middle east should be an autonomous Muslim state.

When confronted with the latest footage, before the program was broadcast, El-Saadi accused the reporters of entrapment, and claimed that Ismail was exercising his right to free speech.

“When the spy asks him about Sharia, he has to tell the truth. He cannot lie about our religion. But we are Danes, so we follow Danish law. So, the passages about stoning and flogging do not apply here,” reassured El-Saadi.

The police department of East Jutland, the region where the mosque is located, has promised to examine the videos for possible violations of the law.

Politicians have also piled in with criticism.

“What is so shocking is that there are so many cases involving this mosque and that they just keep coming. That is almost the worst thing – that they haven’t learned anything and still practise these types of things and encourage this Stone Age behavior,” said Marcus Knuth, from the center-right Venstre party, which since last year has been leading a minority coalition, with the help of the anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim Danish People's Party.

“These statements I have seen and heard so far over the line that there must be strong action against this. This calls for reactions here and now. The police is a central part, but we must also have the key ministers play their part. This should not take place in Denmark,” said Trine Bramsen, of the center-left Social Democrats.

But practical efforts to shut down the mosque have failed, with Aarhus council saying “the closure will just confirm among the young attendees that democracy is only for the majority.”

A year ago, East Jutland police also publicly congratulated Grimhoj mosque for no longer “saying it is a personal choice whether to go fight in Syria, but instead warning worshipers against it.”

The War on Christianity Flares Up at Sheffield University, UK

UK university expels Christian postgrad student over Facebook anti-gay marriage post - media
Is this the first act of discrimination for citing scripture?
© Mike Segar / Reuters

A social worker postgraduate has been expelled from Sheffield University for citing a biblical verse against homosexuality on his private Facebook profile while backing Kim Davis, a US clerk, who refused to issue marriage certificates for same-sex couples.

Felix Ngole, a 38-year-old father of four, was forced to abruptly finish his studies as a second year Masters student after the university’s ‘fitness to practice’ committee ruled that by calling gay marriage an ‘abomination’ on his FB he “transgressed boundaries which are not deemed appropriate for someone entering the Social Work profession," the Telegraph reports. Ngole, a devoted Christian, was citing Leviticus while propping his argument on the gay marriage issue.

The designated Bible verse says: “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”

The university’s disciplinary board began reviewing the case two months after the post appeared on his page, following a complaint from a fellow student. Ngole, who had already completed two university degrees and used to work as a teacher, was accused of “bringing the profession into disrepute” by voicing his personal opinion on the sensitive subject. 

The probe by the Fitness to Practice Committee said that although the student was entitled to express his views on gay marriage, his remarks “may have caused offence to some individuals.” Based on this judgment, Ngole was found unfit to pursue the chosen career path and was "no longer recognized as a University student.”

So, freedom of speech is sacrificed on the altar of 'may cause offence'. This would be a very quiet world if no-one was allowed to offend anyone else. Or is it that the remark 'may have caused offence' to a gay person? 

I would suspect that if the roles were reversed and a gay person made a disparaging remark about Christians, the Fitness to Practice Committee would not find it the least bit offensive. Christians are fair targets; gays are not. Even though Christians are persecuted and martyred all over the world (more than 10,000 of them in Nigeria alone), it is gays who need protection!!!??

Ngole intends to appeal the decision on the basis of discrimination.

“I wonder whether the university would have taken any action if a Muslim student who believes in Sharia law, with its teaching about women and homosexuality, had made moderate comments on his Facebook page. I don't think so," said Ngole, stressing that he was being discriminated against for expressing Christian beliefs, as cited by Premier ChristianRadio.

Or if a Muslim was sanctioned for reciting the Quran or Hadith, would that spark a reaction from the Committee (read: Thought Police)? If it did, there would certainly be a counter-reaction from the Muslim community, and not a very pleasant one.

Ngole who came to England from Cameroon in 2003 as a refugee, also questioned the right of educational institutions to monitor students` personal activity and rule that a particular student is fit or unfit for a profession based on his/her social media postings.

"If each university is making its own, arbitrary decisions, who is monitoring these decisions and how can students ensure that, across all universities, there is good, fair and equal assessment of such issues?” Ngole asked, warning of dangers that lie in banning persons from becoming professionals in social work and other fields in connection with their personal statements.

Universities, in his opinion, should follow a completely different path and, instead of censoring peoples’ beliefs, encourage an exchange of opinion.

“If they are 'censored' from even sharing their ideas or beliefs as part of a discussion on Facebook then how can that happen?” says Ngole, who plans to file a legal motion referring to the breach of his right of expression if his appeal to the university panel fails.

"I am not against people who are in same-sex relationships: that is their choice. But I am a Christian and if asked for my views I should be free to express that,” he said, as cited by the Guardian. He intends to challenge the panel’s argument that he would be unable to work with gay people, as they may stumble on to the controversy surrounding his name on the internet.

"I have worked with people in same-sex relationships in the past and there has been no issue whatsoever,” he claimed.

Andrea Williams from the Christian Legal Centre said the university’s conduct violates Ngole’s fundamental rights.  

"The university has failed to protect his freedom of speech under Article 10 and his freedom of religion under Article 9,” she said, referring to the Human Rights Act.

A spokesperson from the University of Sheffield told RT: “The University of Sheffield is concerned that stories in the media about a student undertaking a MA in Social Work are factually incorrect. The individual concerned is currently appealing the decision of a Fitness to Practise Committee, relating to professional registration and the standards of the relevant professional body.

“These standards are nationally determined by the Health and Care Professions Council. As the case is subject to appeal, the University of Sheffield will not comment on this case at this time.”

A spokesperson for the University of Sheffield denounced the accusations of religious bias against the student, saying that media reports were “incorrect.”

It's not an intentional 'religious' bias, but it is religious bias. Those on the committee are most likely to be atheists who don't believe the Bible was inspired by God, nor do they even believe in the God they will have to stand before in judgment. Most atheists believe that the 2.4 billion Christians around the world are all idiots. They, unfortunately, have completely missed the very point of our existence.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Nigeria’s Anti-Christian Jihad in Numbers: 11,500 Dead, 13,000 Churches Destroyed

Two points to take home with you from this report:
1. Christians are being martyred today, probably as much as at any time in history
2. The Islamic crusade to convert all of Africa is still ongoing


A new report offers some startling statistics on the devastation wrought by Muslims on the Christian population in Nigeria, with 11,500 Christians killed, a million displaced and 13,000 churches destroyed or shut down in the last 15 years.

The 48-page report titled “Crushed but Not Defeated: The Impact of Persistent Violence on the Church in Northern Nigeria,” documents the extent of Christian persecution in Nigeria due to targeted violence by Islamic extremists as well as other more moderate Muslims. The document was released after extensive on-the-ground research by Open Doors, a non-profit group devoted to assisting persecuted Christians throughout the world.

The comprehensive study reveals that decades of religious violence directed at the Christian community has had an even larger impact on the Church in Northern Nigeria than previously thought. The violence against Christians in the region has resulted in the deaths of “between 9,000 to 11,500 Christians,” which the report calls “a conservative estimation.” A large number of Christian properties and businesses have been destroyed, the document continues, “including 13,000 churches that have either been destroyed or closed down.”

Moreover, according to the report, 1.3 million Christians in Northern Nigeria “have become internally displaced or have settled in other areas of Nigeria in search for safety and security” since 2000.

One of the more frightening revelations from the report is the finding that the executioners are not just from the well-known Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, but comprise many other more “moderate” Muslims as well.

The sources of violence against Christians in Northern Nigeria are diverse, yet have one thing in common. They are “connected through a common religious denominator: defending northern Muslims’ interests, Muslim identity and the position of Islam,” the report states.

“Not just radical Islam, Boko Haram being the most notable example, but also Muslim Hausa-Fulani herdsmen and the Northern Muslim political and religious elite are also major actors of targeted violence towards the Christian minority,” the report continues.

In part, this violence derives from the historical “migration of Muslims into non-Muslim territories in northern Nigeria to promote the Islamic religious and missionary agenda in Islamizing all parts of northern Nigeria,” it states.

Between 2000 and 2001, twelve Northern states implemented or began more fully enforcing Sharia law, which created fear and marginalization among the substantial Christian minority population of around 30 million.

Radical Islamic groups did not emerge in Northern Nigeria until the 1980s, when Nigerian scholars and students returned from Arabic countries influenced by Wahhabi and Salafist teaching. Each year, thousands of West African Muslims get free scholarships to pursue their studies in Arab countries, which has had a major impact on Nigerian culture.

Nigerian Muslims were also encouraged by the successful Islamic revolution of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran (1979), which many took as evidence that radicalization can bring about social change. “The ideal of a pure form of Islam in which Sharia was applied to society in order to create justice and equal opportunities for all, appealed to the imagination of those outside the privileged Northern elite,” the report states.

Though the document goes into great detail, analyzing the situation in a number of specific towns and cities and examining numerous individual cases, the general picture that emerges is one of ongoing, systematic persecution of Christians by Muslims in the Nigerian north.

Such data will make it more and more difficult to assert that the violence committed against Christians in Muslim nations is not religiously motivated.

Some quick history

Islam spread across North Africa in the 7th century - the first century of Islam
Early in the 8th century they crossed the Strait of Gibraltar into Spain
Their MO was to force conversion and slaughter those who refused

In the tenth century Islam spread down through west Africa mainly through peaceful means
It reached the Horn of Africa in the 9th century and Mozambique in the 12th century

Islam only crossed deeper into Malawi and Congo in the second half of the 19th century

Now it is trying to employ the tactics of the 7th century to take over Northern Nigeria as well as parts of Chad, Niger, and Cameroon.

Islam is moving into southern Africa through immigration. 

It took the Crusades to stop them from conquering Europe, but there doesn't seem to be any will to embark on a crusade in Africa. 

We seem content to let Boko Haram and other fanatical groups slaughter Christians by the dozens or hundreds, and raze their villages til there is nothing left.

Swiss Reject Automatic Deportation of Foreign Criminals

Swiss vote down plan to expel foreigners for committing crimes - exit poll

Posters of Swiss People's Party (SVP) demanding to deport criminal foreigners are displayed beside a road in Adliswil, Switzerland February 11, 2016. © Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters

Swiss citizens have been taking part in a referendum that could authorize automatic deportation of foreigners who commit crimes. Early projections of the results showed that the majority of Swiss population opposed the initiative.

According to exit poll data revealed by the Swiss Radio and Television (SRF), the majority of the Swiss do not back the controversial proposal that would make it easier to expel foreigners that committed crimes, ranging from anything from speeding to murder. 

Projections from exit polls indicated that 59 percent of residents opposed the expulsion plan, SRF reported after the polls closed Sunday. The final results are due later on Sunday.

As of mid-Sunday, the voters were seen as likely to reject the “Yes” vote, according to initial exit poll data by Swiss Radio and Television (SRF), Reuters reports.

A 2010 deportation initiative, also launched by SVP and approved of by 52 percent of voters, included immediate expulsion of foreigners who commit grave crimes such as rape or armed robbery.

The 2016 referendum comes amid growing unease at rising immigration in Switzerland, as well as social and welfare problems, which SVP claims have been brought in by migrants. The party launched an initiative "For the effective expulsion of foreign criminals," promoted by posters reading “Finally, create security!” and showing a “white” sheep on top of the national flag kicking away a “black” sheep.

The Federal Council, Switzerland's major executive body, dubbed SVP’s initiative "inhuman, because it treats the roughly 2 million foreigners who live in Switzerland as second-class citizens."

Yes, and we wouldn't want murderers and child rapists to feel they are anything but first class Swiss.

Opponents of the controversial initiative say the law, if passed, will create a two-tier justice system which will unfairly treat any foreigner as a potential criminal.

How does that work? Someone will have to explain that to me. I thought we were all potential criminals.

They utilized emotional visual signs to promote the “No” vote – one of the posters included an image of a tattered swastika and putting “Switzerland 2016” next to 1933 Nazi Germany and 1948 apartheid South Africa.

According to a February poll by Swiss Radio and Television (SRF), public attitude towards the SVP’s initiative was quite divisive – 46 percent would vote “Yes,” with 49 percent voting “No.”

So it appears the margin has increased. Is it because the fear of becoming a Nazi-type state is greater than the fear of Swiss girls being raped for being Swiss girls? Either way, cultural suicide is what will follow.

Or, perhaps it was just the glaringly racist "ya" signs with the white and black sheep.

More than 5 million people in Switzerland are entitled to vote, excluding over 2 million foreigners residing in the country.

Wait a minute - doesn't that make them 2nd class citizens. Shouldn't everyone have the right to vote?

If “Yes” vote prevails, Switzerland would become the European country introducing the strictest immigration laws. The Alpine country has already introduced another controversial measure targeting migrants. In January, it was revealed that refugees arriving in Switzerland will have to turn over any assets they possess which are worth more than 1,000 Swiss francs ($997).

Switzerland is not part of the 28-member European Union but it is part of the Schengen border-free zone.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Is The Global Economy Imploding?

21 New Numbers That Show That The Global Economy Is Absolutely Imploding
By Michael Snyder

Earth At Night - Public Domain

After a series of stunning declines through the month of January and the first half of February, global financial markets seem to have found a patch of relative stability at least for the moment.  But that does not mean that the crisis is over.  On the contrary, all of the hard economic numbers that are coming in from around the world tell us that the global economy is coming apart at the seams.  This is especially true when you look at global trade numbers.

The amount of stuff that is being bought, sold and shipped around the planet is falling precipitously. So don’t be fooled if stocks go up one day or down the next.  The truth is that we are in the early chapters of a brand new economic meltdown, and I believe that all of the signs indicate that it will continue to get worse in the months ahead.  The following are 21 new numbers that show that the global economy is absolutely imploding…

#1 Chinese exports fell by 11.2 percent year over year in January.

#2 Chinese imports were even worse in January.  On a year over year basis, they declined a whopping 18.8 percent.

#3 It may be hard to believe, but Chinese imports have now plunged for 15 months in a row.

#4 In India, exports were down 13.6 percent on a year over year basis in January.

#5 In Japan, exports declined 8 percent in December on a year over year basis, while imports plummeted 18 percent.

#6 For the sixth time in six years, Japanese GDP growth has gone negative.

#7 In the United States, exports were down 7 percent on a year over year basis in December.

#8 U.S. factory orders have fallen for 14 months in a row.

#9 The Restaurant Performance Index in the United States has dropped to the lowest level that we have seen since 2008.

#10 This month the Baltic Dry Index fell below 300 for the first time ever.

#11 It is now cheaper to rent a 1,100 foot merchant vessel than it is to rent a Ferrari.

#12 Orders for Class 8 trucks in the United States dropped by 48 percent on a year over year basis in January.

#13 Due to a lack of demand for trucks, Daimler just laid off 1,250 U.S. workers.

#14 Even though Saudi Arabia and Russia have agreed to freeze oil production at current levels, the price of U.S. oil has still fallen below 30 dollars a barrel.

#15 It is being reported that 35 percent of all oil and gas companies around the world are at risk of falling into bankruptcy.

#16 According to CNN, 67 oil and gas companies in the United States filed for bankruptcy during 2015.

#17 The number of job cuts in the United States skyrocketed 218 percent during the month of January according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

#18 All over America, retail stores are shutting down at a stunning pace.  The following list of store closures comes from one of my previous articles…

-Wal-Mart is closing 269 stores, including 154 inside the United States.

-K-Mart is closing down more than two dozen stores over the next several months.

-J.C. Penney will be permanently shutting down 47 more stores after closing a total of 40 stores in 2015.

-Macy’s has decided that it needs to shutter 36 stores and lay off approximately 2,500 employees.

-The Gap is in the process of closing 175 stores in North America.

-Aeropostale is in the process of closing 84 stores all across America.

-Finish Line has announced that 150 stores will be shutting down over the next few years.

-Sears has shut down about 600 stores over the past year or so, but sales at the stores that remain open continue to fall precipitously.

#19 The price of gold is enjoying its best quarterly performance in 30 years.

#20 Global stocks have fallen into bear market territory, which means that about one-fifth of all global stock market wealth has already been wiped out.

#21 Unfortunately for global central banks, they have pretty much run out of ammunition.  Since March 2008, central banks have cut interest rates 637 times and they have purchased a staggering 12.3 trillion dollars worth of assets.  There is not much more that they can do, and now the next great crisis is upon us.

Without any outside influences, the global economy and the global financial system will continue to rapidly fall apart.

But if we do have a major “black swan event” take place, that could cause the bottom to fall out at any moment.

In particular, I am deeply concerned about the possibility that World War III could be sparked in the Middle East.  In an article that I published earlier today entitled “Turkey Is Asking The United States To Take Part In A Ground Invasion Of Syria“, I included a quote from Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu that reveals just how eager Turkey and Saudi Arabia are for war to begin…

“Some countries like us, Saudi Arabia and some other Western European countries have said that a ground operation is necessary,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told Reuters in an interview.

However, this kind of action could not be left to regional powers alone. “To expect this only from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar is neither right nor realistic. If such an operation is to take place, it has to be carried out jointly, like the (coalition) air strikes,” he said.

The Turks and the Saudis very much want the United States to take a leading role in any ground invasion of Syria, but the Obama administration is not likely to do that.

So we shall see if the Turks and the Saudis are willing to go ahead without us.  Let us hope that they do not decide to invade Syria, because that could start the biggest war in the Middle East that any of us have ever seen.

Unfortunately, Turkey is already attacking.

Turkey has been shelling Kurdish and Syrian military positions in northern Syria for four days in a row even though the Obama administration has been urging them to stop.

The first month and a half of 2016 has already been quite chaotic, and the stage is set for global events to greatly accelerate during the months ahead.

Sadly, the mainstream media in the United States is largely ignoring the preparations for a ground invasion of Syria, and they keep telling us that the global economy is going to be just fine, so most ordinary Americans are going to be absolutely blindsided by what is about to happen.

With the last serious economic crash there were several large economies that were still strong and growing - China, India, Brazil. These countries helped pull the rest of the world out of recession. This year, one is hard-pressed to find any countries with strong, growing economies. There is no-one to throw a life-line. Even the Gulf States are suffering from low oil prices. 

Americans have printed money with shameful abandon and borrowed excessively since 2008 raising their debt to GDP ratio to serious levels. With China working hard to replace the dollar with the yuan as global currency, the American greenback may collapse precipitously. 

2016 should be a very interesting, if not frightening year. There is a lot more going on than just the primaries.

Friday, February 26, 2016

German Professor: NASA Has Fiddled Climate Data On ‘Unbelievable’ Scale

Global warming invented by tampering 
with the raw temperature data records?
Does the conspiracy go that far?

James Hanson, CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images

A German professor has confirmed what skeptics from Britain to the US have long suspected: that NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies has largely invented “global warming” by tampering with the raw temperature data records.

Professor Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert is a retired geologist and data computation expert. He has painstakingly examined and tabulated all NASA GISS’s temperature data series, taken from 1153 stations and going back to 1881. His conclusion: that if you look at the raw data, as opposed to NASA’s revisions, you’ll find that since 1940 the planet has been cooling, not warming.

According to Günter Ederer, the German journalist who has reported on Ewert’s findings:

From the publicly available data, Ewert made an unbelievable discovery: Between the years 2010 and 2012 the data measured since 1881 were altered so that they showed a significant warming, especially after 1950. […] A comparison of the data from 2010 with the data of 2012 shows that NASA-GISS had altered its own datasets so that especially after WWII a clear warming appears – although it never existed.

Apart from Australia, the planet has in fact been on a cooling trend:

Using the NASA data from 2010 the surface temperature globally from 1940 until today has fallen by 1.110°C, and since 2000 it has fallen 0.4223°C […]. The cooling has hit every continent except for Australia, which warmed by 0.6339°C since 2000. The figures for Europe: From 1940 to 2010, using the data from 2010, there was a cooling of 0.5465°C and a cooling of 0.3739°C since 2000.

But the activist scientists at NASA GISS – initially led by James Hansen (pictured above), later by Gavin Schmidt – wanted the records they are in charge of maintaining to show warming not cooling, so they began systematically adjusting the data for various spurious reasons using ten different methods.

The most commonly used ones were:

• Reducing the annual mean in the early phase.
• Reducing the high values in the first warming phase.
• Increasing individual values during the second warming phase.
• Suppression of the second cooling phase starting in 1995.
• Shortening the early decades of the datasets.
• With the long-term datasets, even the first century was shortened.

It just happens that for 13 years I was responsible for quality controlling climate data for British Columbia and the Yukon. That stopped abruptly in 2008. They no longer wanted QC done by experienced professionals. It is all done by computers now.

Ewert’s findings echo that of US meteorologists Joseph D’Aleo and Anthony Watts who examined 6,000 NASA weather stations and found a host of irregularities both with the way they were sited and how the raw data had been adjusted to reflect such influences as the Urban Heat Island effect.

Curious. The heat island effect results in raising temperatures in cities. Adjusting for it would mean lowering the temperatures which is counter to what they are accusing NASA of doing. Of course, there is some wiggle room in how much those adjustments are.

As you can probably tell, I am convinced of the conspiracy to blame global warming on anthropogenic sources, but I'm not convinced that the scheme goes this far. Common sense dictates that the planet is warming if only by observing the dramatic increase in intensities of various storms. Hurricanes seem to be more intense; even local thunderstorms are at times far more intense than in the past. I have documented that fact myself in British Columbia. Both intensity increases almost certainly have to do with warming temperatures.

Britain’s Paul Homewood is also on NASA GISS’s case. Here he shows the shocking extent of the adjustments they have made to a temperature record in Brazil which has been altered so that a cooling trend becomes a warming trend.

Unadjusted temperature record: shows cooling trend.

Adjusted temperature record: shows warming trend.

For still more evidence of NASA’s adjustments, check out Alterations to Climate Data at Tony Heller’s Real Climate Science.

130,000 Refugees Vanished; 400,000 Still Not Identified in Germany

Deportation is having no effect on refugee numbers

130,000 refugees vanished after being registered in Germany – media report

© Michaela Rehle / Reuters

Some 13 percent of all migrants who officially entered Germany in 2015 never turned up at the accommodation provided for them, Süddeutsche Zeitung reported Thursday. The news comes as Berlin tightens laws on asylum seekers.

The newspaper’s report is based on Germany’s Federal Interior Ministry’s official response to a request filed by the Left Party. The ministry provided two explanations for the phenomenon: the refugees either continued their journey to another European country or choose to live illegally within Germany.

Now, what possible reason would they have for doing that? One would think they would want to take advantage of Germany's generous welfare system, but they can't do that unless they are registered.

It is likely that most of them continued on their journey, but they should probably have been documented as leaving the country. That, at least, would give them some idea of who has gone where, and who is still in Germany. But then, they probably can't do that under Schengen.

According to Frank-Jürgen Weise, the head of Germany's Federal Office for Migration (BAMF), there are as many as 400,000 asylum seekers within the country who have no ID documents and German authorities have proven unable to identify them, the head of the BAMF agency said in Berlin on Thursday.

Last year, Berlin was unable to expel all illegal aliens to the country responsible for them, which according to the Dublin Regulation is the EU state a refugee first entered.

Only one in 10 asylum seekers was returned to the country from which they entered Germany, and in 2014 it was one in five refugees.

The reluctance of other European states to take back the refugees is understandable: Greece alone has witnessed a 21-fold growth in immigrants in one year.

Deportation resulted in a net drop in refugees of only 600

Out of the total of 45,000 so-called “takeover requests,” Germany filed to other states in 2015, only about 3,600 have been completed. At the same time, other EU states have “returned” to Germany some 3,000 asylum seekers, thus making the number of refugees that German authorities managed to distribute to other European states to mere 600, a tiny drop in the ocean of migrants that poured into Germany last year.

Germany has welcomed an estimated 1.1 million refugees in 2015, mostly from the Middle East and Northern Africa, of which about a half are either without official documents or have disappeared.

On Thursday, the Bundestag adopted new legislation, tightening asylum regulations. On Friday, German upper house of parliament, the Bundesrat, is set to hold a final vote on legislation aimed at making the influx of migrants more manageable.

The new laws would facilitate deportation in the event that Germany does not recognize an asylum claim. The rules for family unification are going to be stricter, too, with asylum seekers now having to live two years in Germany before being given the right to invite their family members to join them.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

OMG - Illinois GOP Bill Proposes Cutting Aid to Single Mothers, Including Rape Victims

Illinois House committee studying heartless, evil bill
© Siu Chiu / Reuters

A new bill proposed by Illinois Republicans would strip single mothers and their children of financial aid. The draft law makes no excuse for rape victims who decide not to abort, but excludes in vitro mothers.

Currently in committee, the bill proposed by two GOP members, John Cavaletto and Keith Wheeler, would deny newborns birth certificates if their mothers will not or cannot provide the name of a biological father. 

“Absent DNA evidence or a family member’s name, a birth certificate will not be issued and the mother will be ineligible for financial aid from the State for support of the child,” the bill reads.

The bill would also take away the state’s financial support for a child born to a single mother if she fails to provide the name of the biological father or bring DNA test results identifying him within 30 days.

The draft law says that “a family that does not comply with the Vital Records Act provision concerning birth certificates of unmarried mothers shall be ineligible for aid for support of the child.

If passed into law, amendments would have to be attached to the current law that does not require paternity records.

The Vital Act stipulates that if “the mother was not married to the father of the child at either the time of conception or the time of birth, the name of the father shall be entered on the child’s birth certificate only if the mother and the person to be named as the father have signed an acknowledgment of parentage in accordance with subsection.”

Despite the anti-abortion stance generally taken by Republicans, the bill reportedly makes no exception for victims of rape or incest. Yet, at the same time, the new requirements would not apply to “artificially inseminated mothers.”

This is insanely unfair and qualifies for outright evil in my books. If you are a Republican, please do not let this act pass. 

What kind of evil would drive 2 state representatives to do something like this? I hope to God that those two jerks don't go around calling themselves Christians; it's bad enough being an embarrassment to the Republican Party, but to God as well!!!??

Alabama Attorney Sues SCOTUS Justices Who Legalized Gay Marriage

Did 5 Supreme Court justices violate two constitutional amendments
 and their oaths of office?

John Sullivan (C) and Chris McCary (R), both from Anniston, Alabama, are married by Justice of the Peace Joan Drysdale (L) in Provincetown, Massachusetts. © Brian Snyder / Reuters

A lawyer from Bessemer, Alabama has filed a $6 million lawsuit against the five US Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide. He is claiming they violated two constitutional amendments and their oaths of office.

Family law attorney Austin Burdick filed the lawsuit Wednesday in the US District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, naming Justices Anthony M. Kennedy, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

Burdick is suing the five associate justices for violations of the 5th and 14th Amendments, and for violating their oaths of office. He is also claiming compensatory damages, punitive damages and mental anguish damages totaling more than $6 million.

"For centuries the Constitution has been the instrument of protection for the rights of citizens against government intrusion," Burdick said in the lawsuit. “Specifically, since the ratification of the 14th Amendment in 1868, [the Supreme Court] interpreted the plain language of the Constitution and that amendment to be a guarantee of freedom from government interference in individual liberty.”

In June, the five justices sided with the plaintiff in Obergefell v. Hodges, with the resulting Supreme Court verdict mandating that same-sex marriage was legal nationwide.

"This 'interpretation' is no interpretation at all. It is a tyrannical usurpation of authority to rewrite the Constitution," Burdick said in his lawsuit. By making such a ruling, he argued, the five justices rewrote the 14th Amendment to expand government authority, rather than restrict it.

"The opinion in fact rewrites the 14th Amendment to read: 'Every state must make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States; further, each state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law under the guise of extending tax benefits or some other license; and any person within its jurisdiction may be deprived of the equal protection of the laws when it is fashionable to do so’,” Burdick wrote.

This should be fun to watch. But who is going to hear the suit? Can a district court apply a law suit to the Supreme Court? And if they lose, can the Supreme Court justices appeal to the Supreme Court?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

ISIS Would Be Easy to Defeat if Turkey and Saudi Arabia Did Not Support It – Assad Adviser

Money and resources flowing to Islamic State from regional players make it more difficult to fight terrorism, an adviser to Syria’s president told RT, adding that the political dialogue has also been thwarted by opposition groups backed by foreign states.

For five years they [Syrian opposition] have not been able to have a dialogue, because each party of this opposition belongs to a different country and is paid by different countries. They are not an opposition that have a political party in Syria and that have grown from the Syrian people. This is the only opposition in the world that are agents of foreign countries against their own country,” Bashar Assad’s political adviser, Bouthaina Shaaban, said in an interview with RT.

Direct talks between the opposition and the government will be held “whenever the opposition is able to get together and be at the table,” she said, adding that while the government is ready for dialogue, their opponents have so far failed to even agree on their own delegation.

“We are running the country according to its constitution... We are fighting terrorism as we should, and we are forthcoming in pursuing any political solution,” she said, adding that both in Syria and Iraq the armies have been “trying their very best” to defeat Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

However, the interference of some regional players has hampered the success of the process, Shaaban said.

“If it were not for the support [of militants groups] by regional parties – in particular Turkey and Saudi Arabia, it would not be difficult to defeat ISIL. But the money, the resources, the facilitation comes from these countries to IS,” she told RT. Islamic State “doesn’t live in a vacuum,” she added, saying that the militants have been receiving support not only from countries in the region, but also “political support of the United States and the West.

“There is no such thing as moderate terrorist or moderate opposition, because anyone who carries arms is not moderate, anyone who is killing people is not moderate, anyone who is destroying institutions in the country is not moderate,” she explained, saying that the use of the word “moderate” in this case “has no relation to reality whatsoever.”

“It’s very dangerous, as so many people are using it almost unconsciously... It’s an abuse of the language,” the Syrian president’s adviser said, adding that some powers “depend on this abuse of the language” in trying to achieve their political goals.

Commenting on the idea of a so-called “Plan B” for Syria made public by the US Secretary of State John Kerry, who said that dividing up the country might be necessary should the ceasefire fail, Assad’s adviser said that “the Syrian people have fought for five years against any partition of Syria.” She expressed hope that the initial ceasefire plan put forward with Russian-American efforts “will succeed to keep the territorial integrity and the unity of Syria.”

The main objective now is to defeat terrorism in the region, Shaaban said, stressing that this “requires first of all, stopping the flow of support” to terror groups.

“It’s only [when] the Russian forces came to Syria that the oil trucks that were going to Turkey were attacked. Only when the Russian planes came to Syria, were we able to control some parts of the border with Turkey,” she said. “And that’s why Turkey started to attack us directly,” she added.

“The Syrian army is working very well and it’s strong, but the Russian airplanes is something that we do not have. They are more advanced, more modern, more capable and more precise in targeting terrorists,” the presidential adviser said. Recognizing that “Russian help in the airspace [which] is extremely important for the Syrian army,” she stressed that the Russian Air Force and the Syrian government only target terrorists, despite the “many false reports that Western media put in order to show that Russia is not doing the right thing in Syria.”

“I get tired of saying how many unfounded news come to us every day from Western media. They fabricate news about Russia, Syria, about what’s happening on the ground – but they have no grain of truth in them,” Bouthaina Shaaban told RT.

The Price of the Stupidity of Anthropogenic Global Warming Nuts

Ontario Premier Says Cap-and-Trade Plan to Increase Gas Prices by 4.3 Cents a Litre

For my American readers 4.3 centiliters = about 16 cents per US gallon

'The cost of doing nothing is much, much higher than the cost of going forward,' premier says

The question is, how much higher? Kathleen Wynne's statement is straight bulls--t! She certainly has no idea what the cost of doing nothing is. If she did know, she would realize that she is wasting billions of dollars for absolutely no return. And it's not her money she's throwing away, it's the people of Ontario's money she's burning.

See below for quick and dirty Climate Change Summary

The Canadian Press 
Details of Ontario government's cap-and-trade plan are coming in Thursday's budget. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

Gas prices in Ontario will rise about 4.3 cents a litre and residential natural gas bills will go up about $5 a month under the Liberal government's cap-and-trade plan.

"The cost of doing nothing is much, much higher than the cost of going forward and reducing greenhouse gas emissions," she said.

However, revenue from the cap-and-trade auction set for next year will be used to "protect" consumers from an electricity rate hike and could even lead to rates going down, Wynne said.

It is scheduled to take effect in January and the government expects to raise about $1.3 billion in its first full year of operation, money that will be devoted to lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Finance Minister Charles Sousa denied Wednesday that cap-and-trade revenue would be used to lower the $7.5-billion deficit, which the Liberals have promised to eliminate by 2017-18.

"It is not about reducing the deficit, it's about reinvesting to ensure that we meet the targets through the Western Climate Initiative," he said.

Sure. I believe that. I have a tropical island in Labrador for sale, too.

However, the revenues still have to show up on the government's balance sheet.

Climate Change
- Global warming is a real phenomena - the planet is warming.
- It has almost nothing to do with mankind.
  - Man is responsible for only 3-4% of the CO2 that enters the atmosphere
  - 96-97% is naturally formed and released from plants, the oceans, and from the ground
  - Canada emits about 565 megatons of anthropogenic CO2 emissions per year
  - Global anthropogenic emissions = 36.9 billion tons. Canada's contribution = 2%
  - Canada's contribution to global total CO2 emissions = 0.07%
  - A reduction of 33% of Canada's CO2 emissions amounts to 0.023% of total global emissions
  - A reduction of 0.023% of the total CO2 emissions will not produce any measurable reduction in     the global temperature
 Conclusion - there is no benefit whatsoever in Ontario, or Canada spending billions of dollars on      this great quasi-scientific hoax

More facts:
 - The global temperature has risen on 0.5 degrees C since 1880. 
 - Climatological patterns indicate little or no global temperature rise until after about 2030
 - They also indicate about 0.5-0.75 degree temperature rise in the 21st century
 - In 1990 the IPCC predicted a 1.0 deg rise in temperature by 2025; to date it has risen 0.2 deg
 - For the IPCC prediction to come true the temperature would have to rise 0.8 deg in the next 9        years, more than the rise in the last 135 years
 - Currently, but for El Nino, the temperature has shown very little inclination to rise in past
   decade or more.
 - one good sized volcano could eliminate the effects of several years of global emissions reductions
 - Professor Murry Salby has shown that temperature increases follow CO2 increases, historically      by about 800 years
 - Most scientific research supports anthropogenic global warming because those with an open
   mind on the subject are frozen out of research funds

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuels and industry increased by 0.6% in 2014, with a total of 9.8±0.5 GtC (billion tonnes of carbon) (35.9 GtCO2) emitted to the atmosphere, 60% above 1990 emissions (the Kyoto Protocol reference year). Emissions are projected to decline by -0.6% in 2015 (range -1.6% to +0.5%).

Monday, February 22, 2016

“Islam Can’t be Modernized,” says World’s “Greatest Arabic Poet”

“When asked if he receives death threats from radical Islamists Adonis said: ‘Of course, but I do not care. For certain convictions people should risk their lives.'” Bravo.

Adunis Asbar (Adonis)

“‘Islam Can’t Be Modernised’ Says World’s ‘Greatest Arabic Poet,’” by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, 

The writer regarded as the greatest Arabic language poet alive today has said Islam cannot be modernised.

Adunis Asbar, known by his pen name Adonis, is a Syrian-born writer often considered one of the greatest living poets of the Arabic language. He has come under criticism for comments he made recently about Islam before receiving the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize, named after the famous pacifist and author of the classic World War One novel ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’.

In an interview with Die Welt he talked about one of the most pressing issues in Germany since the migrant crisis began, the idea of being able to integrate migrants from predominately Muslim countries into European societies.

Being raised a Muslim himself and having one of the greatest understandings of the language of the Quran, Adonis said: “You can not reform a religion. If they are reformed, [the original meaning] is separated from it. Therefore, modern Muslims and a modern Islam is already impossible. If there is no separation between religion and state, there will be no democracy especially without equality for women. Then we will keep a theocratic system. So it will end.”

Laying down a heavy critique of the Islamic world, he added: “Arabs have no more creative force. Islam does not contribute to intellectual life, it suggests no discussion. It is no longer thought. It produces no thinking, no art, no science, no vision that could change the world. This repetition is the sign of its end. The Arabs will continue to exist, but they will not make the world better.”

The remarks are in reference to the broader questions of how he sees the Middle East, and specifically his native Syria which has been in a state of civil war for years. Adonis describes the totality of Islam in the life of people in the Islamic world saying Muslim society is “based on a totalitarian system. The religion dictates everything: How to run, how to go to the toilet, who one has to love…”…

“I have long been an opponent of Assad. The Assad regime has transformed the country into a prison. But his opponents, the so-called revolutionaries, commit mass murder, cut people’s heads off, sell women in cages as goods and trample human dignity underfoot.”

Adonis was referring to the Islamic State and the Al-Nusra front (an Al Qaeda affiliate) who have become the largest opposition force to Assad over the course of the civil war.

Breitbart London has already reported that attempts to house and integrate Muslim migrants will cost Germans and other European countries billions of euros, and according to Adonis’ opinion it could be a useless endeavour.

When asked if he receives death threats from radical Islamists Adonis said: “Of course, but I do not care. For certain convictions people should risk their lives.”

Super El Nino has Passed its Peak, WMO Says

This year's El Nino is tied with 1997-98 for strongest on record, conditions could last into May
The Associated Press 

Calgarian Erik van Kuppeveld takes a break from reading and takes in the sunshine and 9C temperatures earlier February. Warm air from the Pacific as a result of El Nino has led to a warmer-than-average late fall and winter in much of Canada. (Larry MacDougal/Canadian Press)

Meteorologists see signs that the super El Nino is weakening ever so slightly, but they caution months will pass before people in Canada and the U.S. will feel it.

The World Meteorological Organization said late last week that El Nino has passed its peak based on specific temperature, wind, and atmospheric pressure conditions.

That's technically true, but Michelle L'Heureux, lead El Nino forecaster for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center, said there's a few months lag time before the changes affect the Americas.

El Nino is the occasional but natural warming of the central tropical Pacific which, along with changes in the atmosphere, alters weather patterns worldwide. It often brings more rain to California and parts of the U.S. West and South, raises temperatures globally a bit, and causes droughts elsewhere in the world. In Canada, a balmy November and December in many parts of the country have been linked to this year's super El Nino bringing warm air from the Pacific.

In December and January, El Nino measurements showed it tied 1997-1998 for the strongest since records started being kept in 1950.

El Nino-like conditions into May

"It's still strong, but it has reached a peak value and it's starting its decline," said University of Oklahoma meteorology professor Jason Furtado. "It's still there; it's not like we don't have El Nino anymore. We can still expect (El Nino) like conditions in March and April and even into May, as well."
Olivia Brown, left, and her friend Elizabeth Foster take the sun at Playa Del Rey beach in Los Angeles Friday, Feb. 12, 2016. A February of dry skies raises worries this El Nino may not be the drought-buster California needs.
(Nick Ut/Associated Press)
California Drought

Mike Halpert, deputy director of the climate prediction centre, said this El Nino hasn't brought drought-struck California as much moisture as previous strong El Ninos, but there are still two months to go to get significant rainfall.

With El Nino still kicking, NOAA forecast a spring that's wetter than normal throughout the U.S. South, much of the West and part of the East. Only the Great Lakes region and Pacific Northwest are forecast to be dry. It also predicts warmer than usual weather along the entire West Coast and most of the country north of Colorado, Missouri and Tennessee, with only Texas, parts of Oklahoma and New Mexico cooler than normal.

Look out for La Nina

The International Research Institute at Columbia University forecast that once this El Nino fades, there's a 50 per cent chance it will be followed directly by El Nino's flip side, a La Nina. La Nina often means droughts in parts of the U.S. Great Plains and Southwest with more rain in the Northwest. La Ninas often mean warmer winters in the U.S. Southeast and cooler winters in the Northwest.

A 50% chance? That's really helpful!

In the slide above are the changes in sea surface temperatures over the past 4 weeks. El Nino/La Nina reveals itself along the equator between South America and Indonesia. The blue in the eastern half of that zone indicates that the SSTs are cooling which means El Nino is in decline.

Surprising Divide Over Human Role in Climate Change - Study

Study involving University of Montreal researchers being submitted to scientific journal
CBC News 
A woman walks past a map showing the elevation of the sea in the last 22 years during the World Climate Change Conference 2015 near Paris. A new study asked 5,000 Canadians their opinions on the cause of climate change. (Stephane Mahe/Reuters)

A study co-authored by University of Montreal researchers suggests that while 79 per cent of Canadians do not doubt the reality of climate change, 39 per cent don't believe it is caused by human activity.

The researchers, also from four other universities, including Yale, surveyed a total of more than 5,000 Canadians over the last five years.

"We asked participants if they believed the Earth was getting warmer partly or mostly due to human activities as an indication of climate change," said lead researcher Matto Mildenberger.

"The skepticism was a bit surprising," said Erick Lachapelle, who co-authored the study, which is being submitted to a scientific journal for publication and has not yet been peer reviewed.

"I think it is partly because Canadians are less knowledgeable than one might think on the topic."

The sheer arrogance of the educated mind! The skepticism that global warming is caused primarily by human activity may very well be because Canadians are more knowledgeable that one might think. Anyone who looks at the impartial data with an open mind cannot help but conclude that blaming humans for global warming is at best a farce and at worst a diabolical conspiracy.

The study did not ask what people felt was causing climate change, if they did not believe it was caused by humans.

Humans responsible for only 3-4% of CO2 in atmosphere

FYI, 96-97% of CO2 in the atmosphere comes from natural sources - the ground, vegetation, etc. Remarkably, this figure is not disputed by climate change enthusiasts. That leaves 3-4% caused by humans. So, the increase in CO2, and hence, global warming, is 96-97% naturally produced. How many hundreds of billions of dollars are we prepared to spend reduce man's input to 2.5% from 3.5%? And if we do spend stupid amounts of money on this fairy tale, will it make any difference whatsoever in global warming? I suspect that any difference it does make will not be measurable.

Researchers did not note whether the proportion of Canadians who thought climate change was caused by humans had changed over the five years of the study.

The results

44% of Canadians surveyed believe Earth is getting warmer mostly because of human activities.

61% believe Earth is getting warmer partly or mostly because of human activities.

66% support a cap and trade system.

49% believe taxes should be increased on carbon-based fuels. 

Deep divides in belief

Survey respondents seemed to be deeply divided on what is causing climate change, the study suggests.

For example, only 33 per cent of people living in the Fort-McMurray—Cold-Lake riding in Alberta believe climate change is partly or mostly caused by humans.

That compares to 78 per cent in the Quebec riding of Laurier-Sainte-Marie, where the rate is the highest in the country.

Click on the map to explore the results compiled by the researchers.

Yale study
The results found opinions vary depending on whether the study subjects were living in a city or a small town.

Lachapelle points to the differences in Edmonton and Calgary, compared to smaller Alberta communities.

"Urban dwellers are more progressive in general," he said.

Read, more susceptible to liberal bulls--t. If what you are 'progressing' toward is a lie, and a very expensive lie, how can that be a good thing?

"They are younger, better educated, and have better access to solutions like active transport or public transit, than people in small towns."

Does being younger and more educated make one smarter? One could argue that post secondary education is heavily laced with liberal biases that virtually brainwash the young, susceptible mind; that graduates emerge even less open-minded than their parents.

The survey asked four questions:

From what you've read and heard, is there solid evidence that the average temperature on Earth has been getting warmer over the past four decades?

Is the Earth getting warmer mostly because of human activity such as burning fossil fuels or mostly because of natural patterns in the Earth's environment? 

Do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose [a cap and trade] type of system for your province? 

Another way to lower greenhouse gas emissions is to increase taxes on carbon based fuels such as coal, oil, gasoline and natural gas. Do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose this type of system?

So, the real question is, do you trust the science behind global warming? Having worked in meteorology most of my life, I have a great deal of confidence in science; in scientists, however, not so much! 

Let's say you read a scientific study that concluded that Nutella was easily the most nutritious breakfast on the planet, would you believe it. You probably would. But if you knew that Nutella was mostly sugar, would you still believe it? Maybe, it is science after all. But if you then found out that the study that came to that conclusion was funded by Nutella through clandestine means, would you still believe it? 

Huge amounts of money are available to university researchers for the study of global warming. But if a study concludes that global warming is not man-made, it's almost impossible for that scientist to obtain more funding for research. So, they had better conclude that Nutella is the most nutritious breakfast ever, if they want to continue their research.

That is the sole reason why most of the science supports man-made global warming.

Methodology behind study

For the study, four telephone surveys over five years were conducted by firms Léger Marketing (2011, 2013 and 2014) and Elemental Data Collection (2015).

For each survey, there were between 1,014 and 1,502 respondents.

The answers to four questions in the study were compiled and integrated into a statistical model that took into account the socio-demographic and geographical characteristics of the interview subjects. The answers were then divided geographically by federal riding.

The study has a margin of error of six percentage points for provincial findings and seven percentage points for local findings, 19 times out of 20.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weird 'Music' from the Dark Side of the Moon

Apollo 10 declassified tapes to reveal puzzling ‘musical’ transmission from Moon’s dark side

© Project Apollo Archive

Another reminder of space being a creepy place has been presented in the lost Apollo 10 tapes – the mission that circled over to the dark side of the Moon. The tapes contain strange ‘music’ that was received out of Earth’s signal reach.

The mission happened in May just ahead of Apollo 11’s 1969 moon landing two months later. The recordings recovered from Apollo 10 were only declassified in 2008 and will now be played on the Science Channel’s Unexplained Files coming up later this month.

So, what was strange about those recordings? Besides the fact that they contained a very musical dance of frequencies and noise, it was the fact that they could not have come from any manmade source, as there’s no radio signal on the far side of the Moon. This means also that astronauts can’t talk to Earth and are effectively alone in outer space for the duration of their time there.

In 1969, two months before Neil Armstrong would set foot on the moon, Apollo 10 was cruising just above the lunar surface when the crew was surprised by a “whistling sound.” The three astronauts discuss the incident at length in the upcoming show.

Al Worden, astronaut with Apollo 15, explains: “There are recorders that record whatever’s going on on the back side, and then you do a data dump when you come around the front side, and Houston or mission control then can see what happened when you were around the back side.”

The “music” transmission lasted for almost an hour, and had the crew talking about whether NASA needed to know at all what they had heard. "It's unbelievable! You know?” they confess. Almost five decades later there is still no clue as to the source.

When the three eventually got back, they opted not to tell NASA, which could be a smart move, seeing as the agency could have had them remanded into custody and kept from flying because of concerns for their mental state.

The debate will rage on in the upcoming episode of ‘NASA’s Unexplained Files’, as scientists continue to discuss the more prominent theories: one possible one is that charged particles were interacting with a magnetic field, the way they did on Jupiter and Saturn. There’s of course one problem here: the Moon has no magnetic field or atmosphere of any kind.

Time will tell.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


The gospel according to Joel Osteen

One of America’s most well-known evangelical pastors, Joel Osteen, recently declared that God “absolutely” approves of everyone, including homosexuals.

The Houston megapastor and best-selling author has been touring to all the talk shows lately to promote his new book, “Break Out! 5 Keys to Go Beyond Your Barriers and Live an Extraordinary Life.”

Osteen, who has been the pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston since 1999, recently talked to the Huffington Post about several subjects, including his thoughts on homosexuality.

HuffPo Live host Josh Zepps quoted from Osteen’s new book: “It doesn’t matter who likes you or who doesn’t like you, all that matters is God likes you. He accepts you, he approves of you.”

Zepps went on to ask Osteen if that included homosexuals.

“Absolutely,” Osteen insisted.

“I believe that God has breathed his life into every single person. We’re all on a journey. Nobody’s perfect,” stated the pastor who oversees a congregation of 45,000 followers, including the likes of Cher and Oprah Winfrey. “The Bible said a sin is pride, a sin is selfish ambition. We tend to pick out these certain things,” he add.

Someone should send this guy a Bible! It's obvious that he has either never read it, or simply doesn't believe anything it says. He has to stop calling himself an evangelical, because evangelicals actually believe the Bible.

Jesus spoke more about Hell than He did about Heaven. There was a reason for that. To listen to Osteen, you would think everyone is going to Heaven by default. Astonishing! What an unbelievable insult to the tens of millions of Martyrs who suffered horribly and died for the faith. In the gospel according to Osteen, they were idiots; they would have gone to Heaven anyway. 

Why do people listen to him?

ISIS Child Kisses Father Goodbye Before Suicide Mission in Chilling New Video

Suicide bomber kisses his father's hand as he says goodbye

A harrowing Islamic State propaganda video has emerged online, depicting an 11-year-old boy near Syria’s Aleppo kissing his father goodbye before setting off on a suicide bombing.

The boy in the video posted by Islamic State supporters last month is identified as Abu Imara al Omri. It is claimed he targeted Syrian soldiers in the town of Ghazi by driving a truck laden with explosives into their midst.

In the video, set to traditional singing, the boy and his father inspect the car, fashioned with added armor at the front. This is before Abu says his final words, kisses his father’s hand in a final blessing and both hug for the last time. There does not appear to be any regret exchanged at all, and the somber atmosphere is presented as a normal everyday occurrence.

There is a special place in Hell for parents who allow, or encourage their children to become suicide bombers. It will be right beside those soulless monsters who brain-wash and train children to do their evil. Isn't there some way to tell these kids that blowing themselves and others up will only send them to Hell? Where is Dante when you need him?

Later on, Abu is shown in a field just outside of a town in Syria, receiving instructions from a senior militant and looking pensively into the distance, before the whole thing wraps with a massive mushroom cloud seen on the horizon, set to more religious talk in the background.

It is becoming increasingly clear how the Islamic State uses children for its wars, and this is a growing trend. A fresh report by US researchers detailed the terrorist group’s different approach to child recruitment: unlike situations where ranks need to be replenished, or those where a child could potentially be more effective against an enemy, IS uses children in much the same way as its other fighters – not as some last resort. They go on missions, commit suicide and attack enemies with whatever they’ve got.

The only real difference is the use of the term ‘cubs of the caliphate’ IS has a few camps dedicated to this particular indoctrination. Like his peers, Abu was a ‘cub’ – the next generation of jihadi. Among its many tactics to get children to join its cause, the group even encourages mothers to send them off.

Abu joins 88 other children scientists from Georgia State gathered information on in the January 2015-2016 period. Most of these deaths across Syria and Iraq are essentially suicide missions – be they bombings or running into an enemy midst with light weaponry.

As the tactic of using children is finding increasing favor with IS, their methods of carrying out attacks also evolve. One, called a ‘plunging attack’, centers on storming an enemy position with firearms before detonating one’s own explosives-laden jacket.

Experts say those fighting the IS need to come up with new ways of combating indoctrination and fostering normal reintegration into society – especially for escaped young fighters who live in Europe; the children used are getting younger and younger and an ethical conundrum also begins to present itself for those faced with the unenviable task of pulling the trigger on some 11-year-old.