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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

If I were the Devil - Paul Harvey

And now, The Rest of the Story

What follows is a 3 minute radio broadcast by a man who was an institution in the USA, Paul Harvey.

Paul had a syndicated news broadcast that was unlike any other and a massive following. He also had another radio segment called 'The Rest of the Story'. 

The Rest of the Story might be about almost anything. He often knitted together fascinating facts that seemed unrelated until he tied it all together at the end. Frequently he talked about historical events giving little known but remarkable background vignettes.

His writing was brilliant, his voice was unusual but pleasant to the ear. He had a perspective that is thoroughly lacking in America today. This recording, If I were the Devil, is just such an example. It was recorded 49 years ago:

Also, from the cold war era, and dove-tailing nicely with Paul Harvey's story, came this manifesto of Communist strategies for taking over the world, America in particular. It makes fascinating, if not frightening reading.

Cold war