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Friday, July 13, 2018

Islamization in France - Muslim Lunatic Gets Away With Brutal Murder

Daniel Greenfield

Every other Muslim terrorist or killer in Europe has his actions blamed on mental illness or drug use. This just continues the pattern. I wrote about the murder of Sarah Halimi last year:

Sarah Lucy Halimi was thrown out of the window of the third floor Paris apartment while she begged her Muslim killer to spare her life.

The 66-year-old director of an Orthodox Jewish nursery was woken from her sleep when she was violently beaten by her twenty something Muslim neighbor who then dragged her to the window.

She died on the street outside the building where she had lived for thirty years.

The killer had allegedly shouted, “Allahu Akbar”. In the tragic comedy of denial that every Islamic terrorism investigation inevitably becomes, the authorities are still hunting around for his motiv

Yonathan Halimi, Sarah Lucy’s son, describes the killer’s family as being known for its anti-Semitism. "One day, one of the killer's sisters pushed my sister down the stairs, and the next time she called her a dirty Jew," he described. Sarah’s brother said that the killer called Sarah and her daughter, “dirty Jews”.

The authorities stonewalled at every turn. And, predictably, the killer gets a pass. (Found unfit to stand trial).

'Allahu Akbar' usually means 'motive unknown'.

The 28-year-old Muslim man confessed to the killing and was heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” and calling Halimi “Satan” shortly before throwing her out the window of her three-story apartment.

In January, Traore was determined to be fit to stand trial. He was placed in a psychiatric hospital for weeks after his arrest in the April 2017 killing despite having no history of mental illness.

But a judge requested a second series of tests, which determined that the Malian immigrant was not able to stand trial, 20 Minutes reported Wednesday.

This tired farce has dragged on. Kobili Traore was hit with hate crimes charges. Then they were dropped. 

The authorities allowed him to commit the crime. Now they're letting him get away with it.

Three minutes later, a unit of the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) — who happened to be patrolling the area — took up position in front of Diara’s door.

They heard Kobili Traore chanting Muslim prayers and Koranic verses. Unsure about the situation and the potential threats to the family, they asked for reinforcements. Additional policemen arrived quickly. However, for some unclear reason, the BAC unit still refrained from breaking in.

In the meantime, Kobili Traore put on new clothes and climbed out of the window to reach Sarah Halimi’s apartment, which was at the same level as Diara Traore’s.

He allegedly assaulted the Jewish woman and hit her mercilessly. From time to time he resumed Koranic recitation. Many neighbours, woken by the old woman’s screams or the assaulter’s religious chanting, called the police

Some gave details about the exact location of the assault, the attacker’s identity, the fact he vilified his victim as a Jewish person and as “a Satan” while hitting her, or even — as far as the Muslim neighbours were concerned — the Koranic portions he chanted.

Yet the police still failed to storm Sarah Halimi’s apartment and rescue her. Eventually, Kobili Traore is claimed to have shouted that the woman was “mad and about to commit suicide”, and threw her out of the window.

He had time enough to climb back to Diara Traore’s apartment where he finally was arrested. His hands were covered in blood. There was blood everywhere in his victim’s apartment.

Sure he was crazy. So crazy he tried to contrive an alibi for his crime. Kobili isn't crazy. But the system that keeps on protecting him is.

Have to disagree with you here, Daniel. Kobili was and is crazy, as is every single radicalized Muslim. 

“I came to the absolute conviction that it is impossible…impossible…for any human being to read the biography of Mohammed and believe in it, and then emerge a psychologically and mentally healthy person.” - Syrian Psychiatrist Dr. Wafa Sultan

This would seem to be the obvious answer to the dilemma in France where they are getting ready to release dozens of radicalized prisoners back into society. That's insanity! But what they need to do is to lock them up in a sanitarium until they renounce their Islamic madness and are no longer a danger to French society.

Is that possible, probably not; is it politically correct, definitely not; is it the only rational way of handling radicalized Muslims, or radicalized anyone? Maybe! Got any better ideas?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Pediatricians Need More Information on Medical Marijuana for Kids, Study Says

Finally, someone other than me is asking about the effects of marijuana on kids,
but there are many more questions need answering

About half of Canadian doctors surveyed have child or
adolescent patients who have used cannabis
The Canadian Press 

Workers produce medical marijuana at Canopy Growth Corporation's Tweed facility in Smiths Falls, Ontario. In a survey released by the Canadian Paediatric Society on Thursday, many pediatricians expressed concern about the lack of evidence about medical marijuana's effectiveness and its potential risks. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

About half of pediatric doctors surveyed about cannabis say they've encountered a young patient who had used marijuana for a medical reason.

The questionnaire for the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program found 419 of 835 respondents had a patient who had used either authorized or unauthorized cannabis for some sort of medical relief.

The one-time study did not detail how many cases involved unauthorized use, the nature of the condition being treated or the ages of the patients.

But principal investigator Richard Belanger said he's surprised by the number of young cannabis users and says it points to the need for more information for doctors, parents and patients.

The Quebec City pediatrician, also a professor at Laval University, notes that more than a third of respondents — or 316 doctors — said they had been asked by a parent or adolescent patient to prescribe cannabis.

Only 34 doctors said they had done so, with many expressing reservations about efficacy, impacts to developing young brains, and concerns about abuse and dependence.

'Truly worrisome': Pot legalization will hurt youth unless changes made to proposed law, journal says
The survey was conducted in the spring of 2017 as part of the surveillance program's larger look at a host of hot-button issues, including Lyme disease, Zika virus and eating disorders.

'Not only an adult issue'

Belanger said researchers were surprised by how many kids and adolescents appeared to be turning to medical marijuana: "We thought it was less than that."

"We really want to make clear that cannabis is not only an adult issue, either for recreational but [also] medical purposes," Belanger said of the findings.

"Sometimes when we look at treatment we tend to forget kids, and it should not be the case."

Because kids have no voice. That's why people like Dr Belanger need to speak up twice as loud, 'cause politicians are certainly not listening to kids.

Dr. Richard Belanger, a Quebec pediatrician and principal investigator for the survey, says the use of medical marijuana for children is 'a burning issue' for doctors. (Veronique Cote/Handout photo via Canadian Press)

He suspected younger kids received authorized use for conditions including refractory seizures, cerebral palsy and chronic pain, while adolescents were more likely to be unauthorized users and to treat other conditions "such as sleep problems or anxiety."

Belanger said the higher-than-expected usage could also be because the doctors surveyed generally treat kids with chronic and severe conditions that may require alternative treatments, and because most respondents came from urban and academic centres more likely to handle severe cases.

The survey response rate was also just 31 per cent, which "may under or over represent the knowledge and/or experiences of Canadian pediatricians," said the study released Thursday.

Still, the findings raise questions about how impending legalization of recreational marijuana could impact unauthorized medical use.

"We're a bit anxious regarding that," said Belanger, pointing to "mixed perspectives" among doctors.

"From a pediatric perspective, there's seldom reason to authorize cannabis and maybe seizure is one of them, but still, there's no clear, no big evidence regarding that."

The survey found a clear majority of respondents had no knowledge or minimal knowledge on why cannabis might be prescribed for a child or youth and what products and dosages may be authorized.

"Paradoxically, they have a fairly positive view regarding cannabis use for medical purposes for certain conditions, despite the lack of solid scientific evidence regarding its safety and efficacy," said the survey, noting that could be due to difficult cases with limited therapeutic options.

Although medical marijuana has been legal since 2001, many questions remain, said Belanger: "It's a burning issue."

"There's a large space for the [Canadian Paediatric Society] or any other association or authorities to give more information on what are the clear facts regarding the possible benefits and the likely adverse events that can be related to medical use of cannabis."

Belanger noted that the data was gathered prior to the publication of a pivotal study evaluating the use of cannabidiol (CBD) to treat epilepsy among children with Dravet syndrome. The study was in the New England Journal of Medicine in the spring of 2017.

Still, he bemoaned a dearth of material to offer guidance. While more studies are underway, he said, they mostly look at CBD and its effects on seizures and severe conditions.

See below (More Potent Pot) to see why CBD is being bred out of pot.

"There are still problematic issues of studying cannabis with kids. I won't counsel anyone from entering a study exposing someone to cannabis if they don't have severe conditions.... On the contrary, in the adult field, there are many more studies regarding cannabis either for pain related to arthritis, pain related to fibromyalgia or spasticity regarding multiple sclerosis."

In the meantime, many parents and adolescents are asking for cannabis prescriptions.

"I think that everyone right now is aware that cannabis is not a simple thing," said Belanger. "When someone starts using cannabis for a long period of time at an early age, it's probably at that time that the greater impact is likely. But at the same time, if your kids have seizures several times a day, what's the worse issue? It's kind of a tricky question for parents."

There are many other questions that need to be answered, like:
What happens to a kid who gets a steady stream of 2nd hand pot smoke?
What happens to a kid who eats a handful of marijuana edibles?
What does a one-time overdose on pot do to a small child?
How are police and social services supposed to deal with chronic pot users with small children?

What little we do know:

Medical journal calls for tighter rules on legal pot to protect young

Powerful pot strains put developing brains of young people at risk, CMAJ editorial says
CBC News 

A pot smoker has a joint at the annual 4/20 day, which promotes the use of marijuana, in Vancouver.
Cannabis shouldn't be used by young people, a medical journal editorial says. (David Horemans/CBC)

Marijuana legalization will harm the health of youth unless major changes to the proposed law are made to protect their developing brains, a medical journal editorial says.

Dr. Diane Kelsall, interim editor in chief of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, says Bill C-45 fails to safeguard vulnerable youth.

"There are a number of things in the legislation that are truly worrisome," Kelsall said in an interview. "If the intent is truly a public health approach and to protect our youth this legislation is not doing it."

Canadian young people ranked first for cannabis use in North America and Europe, with one-third saying they tried it at least once by age 15, the Canadian Pediatric Society says. 

Before the federal election, physicians said the right legislation to legalize pot might curb teen toking by restricting access.

The editorial takes issue with several aspects of the bill, which:

- Sets the minimum age to buy recreational marijuana at 18. Kelsall calls that too young given evidence suggesting that the human brain doesn't mature until about age 25.
- Allows people to grow pot at home, which Kelsall said increases the likelihood of diversion to young people.
- Lacks national standards for retail distribution.
- Lacks limits on potency of strains despite increased risk of harmful effects with higher-strength cannabis.

The guinea pigs are the kids

"From my perspective, from my colleagues' perspective, this legislation is being pushed through," Kelsall said. "We're just very worried that we're conducting a national experiment and unfortunately the guinea pigs are kids."

On Monday, Health Minister Jane Philpott was asked by reporters if she was prepared to change the age. 

"Provinces and territories will have the opportunity to address the age," Philpott said. "Our bill is not entirely through the legislative process. It is possible that it could change along the way."

Making a product legal does not mean it is advisable or recommended, Philpott said. 

Marijuana as a psychosis trigger

At the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, psychiatrist Romina Mizrah uses PET scanners to study how cannabis use changes brain function in young people with an average age of 20.

In young people who regularly use cannabis, preliminary evidence points to a reduction in an enzyme that regulates the endocannabinoid system that buffers key chemistry within the brain, said Mizrahi.

"There is some understanding at this point from epidemiological studies that certainly marijuana is a trigger," said Mizrahi, director of the Focus on Youth Psychosis Prevention program. "Marijuana use predates the psychosis. Whether it causes the psychosis, that's a different question and that we don't know."

I suspect there needs to be a susceptibility toward psychosis present, but that susceptibility might reside in a very large segment of the population, and, it might remain dormant through a person's entire life without a trigger like marijuana.

It may be possible in the future to determine whether or not a person is susceptible to psychosis and should therefore avoid pot like the plague. But it isn't possible now, nevertheless, we rush in anyway.

Studies using MRI scanners also show physical and functional changes in the developing brains of regular users that are associated with damage, Kelsall said.

More potent pot

Mike Stroh, 35, of Toronto says he's part of a generation who grew up smoking current strains of marijuana, which have been genetically selected to produce a powerful high, with THC levels of about 20 per cent. That's up from around seven per cent in the 1960s and '70s.       

And the methodology of raising the THC requires the reduction of CBD. It's CBD that may be helpful to those mentioned above with epilepsy or certain other conditions. CBD may also decrease the risk of contracting schizophrenia or other psychosis. So, of course, we remove it to make the THC more powerful. How insane are we? 

If we had the research, the government could restrict the amount of THC and ensure a certain level of CBD be present. This would reduce the risk of developing psychosis. But, our extreme left government cannot wait for such research, we must have pot legalized and we must have it now.

"I was into sports," Stroh recalled. "I wanted to do stuff at school, but I wouldn't make it to the practice, I wouldn't make it to the tryouts, because I was either up all night selling drugs, trying to get them, fall asleep in a drug-induced coma, and then wake up in a mess."

Mike Stroh with his kids. Stroh is now a mental-health advocate who wants to show recovery is possible. (Mike Stroh)

Stroh also lived with depression and anxiety and said he was never able to like himself. "That's the torment that brought me to my knees." He felt robbed of being himself and the opportunity for emotional maturity, cognitive development and professional opportunities.  

"Because marijuana doesn't bring you to your knees as quickly as other drugs may … there's this illusion that because you can be high and do things, it's not bad, so to speak."

Stroh is now a mental health advocate who draws on his personal and family experiences to educate.

"We need to teach kids how to take care of themselves so when they do feel anxious and do feel depressed, scared or … frustrated with life, because yes, that's a part of being a teenager, then they learn that there's so many things they can do to help themselves as opposed to use drugs."

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

War on Christianity and Common Sense, in Conservative England

UK Government drops doctor who says
gender given at birth

Dr David Mackereth at home in Dudley, West Midlands. His Christian beliefs about gender meant he claims
he was technically sacked from working Department  for Work and Pensions CREDIT: ANDREW FOX

A doctor has been “sacked” as a medical assessor for a government department after refusing to renounce his Christian belief that gender is determined at birth, the Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Dr David Mackereth has worked for 26 years as an NHS doctor but was told he could not be employed as a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) disability assessor if he refused to identify patients as being of a sex that they did not see themselves as.

The 55-year-old father of four believes sex is genetic and biological, so established at birth.

Genetic and biological - in other words, scientific!

He now claims his right to freedom of speech has been denied and he has been classed “unfit” to work for the department because of his religious convictions.

And, the medic from Dudley in the West Midlands fears many other professional people of faith could also be dismissed simply for holding opinions about gender that are “centuries old”.

Dr Mackereth, who registered as a doctor in 1989 and spent most of his career working in Accident & Emergency wards, said: “I’m not attacking the transgender movement. But, I’m defending my right to freedom of speech, and freedom of belief.

“I don’t believe I should be compelled to use a specific pronoun. I am not setting out to upset anyone. But, if upsetting someone can lead to doctors being sacked then, as a society we have to examine where we are going.”

Dr Mackereth, a Reformed Baptist, started a training course in May to become a health and disability assessor for the DWP. His role would have meant interviewing and then writing independent reports about the health of those claiming disability benefits.

However, when his instructor stated that reports must only refer to the patient - or “client” - by the sex that person identified themselves as, a discussion took place among the medics about the “fluid” nature of gender, Dr Mackereth claims.

“I said that I had a problem with this. I believe that gender is defined by biology and genetics. And that as a Christian the Bible teaches us that God made humans male or female. I could have kept my mouth shut. But, it was the right time to raise it.

“The tutor took me aside and said he had passed my comments up the chain to the DWP.”

Dr Mackereth then received an email from Advanced Personnel Management (APM), the agency that employed him and would have hired him out to the DWP.

Stephen Crabb, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions CREDIT: LNP/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK

They explained he could undergo training about the department’s policy, but the DWP had consulted lawyers and was adamant that any report or contact with clients should refer to them in their chosen sex otherwise it “could be considered to be harassment as defined by the 2010 Equality Act”.

The doctor replied that “in good conscience” he could not conform to those demands, and so the contract was terminated between them.

He said: “Firstly, we are not allowed to say what we believe. Secondly, as my case shows, we are not allowed to think what we believe. Finally, we are not allowed to defend what we believe.

“By stating what has been believed by mankind for centuries - namely that gender and sex are determined at birth - you can come under ferocious attack.

“If we are no longer allowed to say that you believe sex and gender are the same and are determined at birth, everyone who holds my views can be sacked on the spot under this Act. I’m not an isolated case.”

A DWP spokeswoman said the Equality Act states that it is unlawful to discriminate directly or indirectly against a person on grounds of a “protected characteristic”, such as gender reassignment.

She added: “Dr Mackereth made it clear during his training that he would refuse to use pronouns which did not match his own view of a person’s biological gender.

"His own view"??? Doctors have determined the sex of babies for hundreds, if not thousands of years, now, suddenly, are not qualified to determine what seems absurdly obvious. What an insane world we've become.

“We expect all assessors to handle assessments sensitively and adhere to the Equality Act 2010.”

APM declined to comment.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

‘80% were Grown-Ups’: Swedish Dentist Fired for Exposing Migrant ‘Kids’ as Adults

FILE PHOTO: Migrants arrive at Lulea airport, Kallax in northern Sweden / Reuters

A Swedish dentist who was ruined after being fired and fined for revealing that over 80 percent of his refugee ‘children’ patients were actually adults, told RT that people coming to his country should not lie about their age.

The story of Bernt Herlitz, a dental hygienist from the Swedish island of Gotland, came under the spotlight in 2016 when he revealed an unpleasant truth. Herlitz was analyzing the teeth of “unaccompanied” minor migrants who started to arrive in the Scandinavian country as the worst refugee crisis since WWII struck Europe. It turned out that wisdom teeth of the ‘children’ were fully grown in 80 percent of cases, a sign clearly showing that Herlitz’ patients were far from being underage. 

“If you have an X-ray you can easily see that the person is over or under 18 years old. About 80 percent were grown-ups,” he said, speaking to RT.

Herlitz shared his concerns with an immigration officer who advised him to file a report about his findings. Yet the reaction from his employers was not so bright – they fired him, arguing he'd violated medical confidentiality.

“I was fired because I followed the instruction that the woman from the immigration office gave me. I sent an email to the immigration office that I could confirm those people were over 18 years old,” he continued.

The dental hygienist then sued his employers and won damages. But the Region of Gotland appealed to the highest labor court in Stockholm and hired one of Sweden’s top-ranking lawyers “to crush” him, as he says on his website. On July 4 he learned that he lost his case and also admitted “economically bankrupted him and his family.” The dentist, who had worked in the sector for 10 years, was fined some 475,000 kroner ($54,000).

Bernt Herlitz

Fearing bankruptcy, 56-year-old Bernt, who is married with an eight-year-old daughter, called for help and in several days already raised more than a half of the total amount.

Bernt believes that he had done a right thing for exposing the migrants lying about their age. “I don't think they should lie to come to Sweden,” he explained.

The worst thing about this is that his employer expected him to lie, or to refuse to tell the truth. This is Sweden's extreme left attitude that has got them into so much trouble, and is rapidly resulting in cultural suicide.

The problem of adult refugees claiming to be “unaccompanied minors” is not new in Europe, which has been facing a large influx of migrants since 2015. A German government report leaked to media revealed in 2017 that some 43 percent of migrants in the country who claim to be children are actually adults. In Denmark such a number stands at 74 percent.

Some migrants provide false data on their age, seemingly in order to get more benefits from the welfare systems of the European countries. However, others claim to be ‘children’ in an apparent attempt to be tried as juveniles for alleged crimes. 

In either event their intent is criminal, and yet they are often protected by governments, courts, and the public. How insane is that?

An Afghani immigrant, Hussein Khavari, accused of raping and murdering a 19-year-old German woman, turned out to be an adult. At the time of his arrest, Hussein told police he was 17 years old. However, after analysis of one of the suspect’s teeth from the upper jaw showed that the accused was about 26 years old, probably 30.

Maria Ladenburger was the daughter of an EU official. Khavari had earlier raped and murdered a girl in Greece, but in an astonishingly evil move, Greek officials allowed him to migrate to Germany without any warnings. Germany's doors were so wide-open, he just walked in.

Czech Republic Bucks European Trend and Slides to the Left, Christians Pay

Czech PM signs power-sharing deal with Communist Party
ahead of key vote

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis © David W Cerny / Reuters

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis has signed a power-sharing agreement with the country’s Communist Party, marking the first time the party will have a governing role since the anti-communist Velvet Revolution in 1989.

The agreement will ensure that the left-wing party supports the government coalition headed by Babis in a confidence vote which will take place in the parliament on Wednesday. The confidence vote is mandatory and all governments must face one to remain in power.

Babis’s centrist, anti-establishment ANO party won an election last year but most other parties have rejected working with them while Babis —a billionaire businessman— faces investigation for alleged fraud, which he has denied.

ANO managed to agree to a coalition with the leftist Social Democrats, but has been unable to form a parliamentary majority, which led it to seek support from the Communist Party.

Babis won the party’s support by agreeing to their call to tax compensation that churches receive for property seized by the former Communist regime in the country.

Cooperation with the communists has sparked outrage from many Czechs and prompted thousands of people to come out and protest against the move in June. The Czech Communist Party has maintained hardline views, unlike many other European communist parties, who have moved into the mainstream left-wing in recent years.

The party is anti-NATO and totally opposed to any deployment of Czech troops abroad, including to the Baltic countries and Poland as part of NATO missions. It also maintains close relations with communist parties in Cuba, North Korea and China.

Erdogan Begins Era as Sultan by Appointing Son-in-Law Finance Minister

Freshly re-installed as President of Turkey complete with new powers - there will be no looking back for Erdogan. He has removed most people and weakened most institutions that might inhibit his growing power, and is surrounding himself with family and friends who encourage him in his quest to become Caliph.

Turkey’s markets panic as Erdogan appoints
son-in-law as finance minister

Istanbul, Turkey © Murad Sezer / Reuters

Investors in Turkey were not impressed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to appoint his son-in-law Berat Albayrak as finance minister on Monday.

Borsa Istanbul 100 Index was down 2.78 percent at 5pm local time (14:00 GMT) on Tuesday.  The Turkish lira dropped three percent on the news, but rebounded slightly on Tuesday. The lira is down 17 percent this year.

Investors are worried that, with the appointment of Albayrak and dismissal of some top finance ministers, there will be no-one left to temper Erdogan’s economic views.

“Albayrak will have to move very quickly to reassure financial markets – and will need to send a signal that he will listen,” said Timothy Ash, senior emerging markets sovereign strategist at Bluebay Asset Management, in a Twitter post.

After the election victory, Erdogan removed Mehmet Simsek, previous deputy prime minister and a former Merrill Lynch banker, as well as former Finance Minister Naci Agbal. Erdogan has been often criticized by investors for weakening the power of the central bank and interfering in its decisions.

Erdogan has weakened the power of many government institutions and assumed that power onto himself. Turkey is becoming more autocratic by the day and Erdogan is an intense Muslim. How long before he begins to increase the power of Islam in Turkey? Probably not long!

Turkey has been one of very few Muslim countries where Christians are safe, but Turkey has had a secular government for the past one hundred years. Erdogan has been working for more than a decade to replace secular-minded politicians and military leaders with strong Muslims. I fear Turkey will not be a safe place for Christians much longer.

The appointment of Erdogan’s son-in-law “will worry a number of investors and some of the markets, because they didn’t much enjoy dealing with Albayrak when he was the energy minister,” Peter Westmacott, who served as former British ambassador to Turkey from 2002 to 2006 told CNBC.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Ex-Pakistan PM Sharif gets 10 Years for Corruption, Panama Papers Involved

Corruption is Everywhere - at the highest levels
of the Pakistani government
By Sara Shayanian

Nawaz Sharif, the former prime minister of Pakistan, was sentenced Friday to ten years in prison on corruption charges.
File Photo by Pat Benic/UPI | License Photo

UPI -- Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was sentenced Friday to ten years in prison on corruption charges.

Sharif, who is in London and was charged in absentia, was convicted with his daughter and son in-law.

Judge Mohammad Bashir sentenced Sharif for owning assets beyond income and for not co-operating with Pakistan's National Accountability Bureau.

Daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif received seven years for abetting a crime and one year for not co-operating. Son-in-law Safdar Awan was given a one-year sentence for not co-operating. The former prime minister and his daughter also received millions in fines.

Maryam Nawaz's sons, Hassan and Hussain, were declared "proclaimed offenders" and the court ordered non-bailable perpetual arrest warrants for their capture.

The Sharif family's Avenfield apartments, which had been in their possession since 1933, will be seized by Pakistan's government.

Sharif said the charges are politically motivated and has consistently denied wrongdoing. Friday, Nawaz said her father would return to Pakistan despite attempts being made to stop him.

"Nawaz Sharif is coming," she tweeted. "Today was the last attempt, as before, will be a failure."

Fall-out from the Panama Papers

Sharif resigned last year after a 15-month investigation into his family's wealth showed Sharif's children were linked to offshore banking companies in the 2015 release of confidential data known as the Panama Papers.

The papers revealed three of Sharif's adult children owned offshore companies and assets not listed on the family's government-ordered financial disclosure statement. The companies moved funds to acquire foreign assets, including London real estate.

In May, Sharif was disqualified from holding public office again by Pakistan's Supreme Court.