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Monday, April 23, 2018

At Least Nine Killed as Van Strikes Pedestrians in Toronto

At least nine people were killed and 16 more were injured after a white van plowed into a crowd on a Toronto sidewalk on Monday. Photo by Warren Toda/ EPA

By Sommer Brokaw and Daniel Uria

UPI -- At least nine people were killed and 16 others were injured when a white van plowed into several pedestrians in Toronto on Monday, police said.

Toronto Police Deputy Chief Peter Yuen confirmed the casualties in the crash, which occurred at 1:30 p.m. at a busy intersection.

Sunnybrook Hospital confirmed it received eight patients from the scene, including one who was declared dead upon arrival, five others in critical condition, one in serious condition and one in fair condition, CP24 reported.

"Sunnybrook's Emergency Department has been locked down as an added precaution and access to the Bayview Campus is being controlled," the hospital said in a statement.

The driver fled from the scene, but police located the vehicle several blocks away and arrested the driver, police said.

No word yet on the identity of the driver, and no-one has mentioned the word 'terrorism' as of yet.

Toronto Mayor John Tory urged citizens to stay away from the area and called for all businesses along Yonge Street to close as police investigate the scene. He added there may be several days of disruption as authorities conduct the probe.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered condolences to the victims and their families following the crash.

"Our thoughts are with all those affected by the terrible incident at Yonge and Finch in Toronto," Trudeau wrote on Twitter. "Thank you to the first responders working at the scene -- we're monitoring the situation closely."

Last Living Suspect from Paris Attacks Gets 20 Years for Belgium Gun Battle

By Ed Adamczyk

Salah Abdelsan, pictured on a wanted poster, was given a 20-year sentence Monday for a conviction
of attempted murder. Abdelsan is the last living suspect in the 2015 Paris terror attacks.
Photo courtesy Belgian Federal Police

UPI -- The last living suspect in the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks received a 20-year sentence Monday for his involvement in a gunfight with Belgian police.

Salah Abdeslam was tried and convicted of attempted murder for his role in a 2016 shootout with police, as they came to search a house where he was hiding in March 2016.

One accomplice was killed, but Abdeslam and co-defendant Sofien Ayari escaped.

Abdeslam was captured three days later in Brussels' Molenbeek neighborhood.

Ayari also received a 20-year sentence Monday after his conviction. Neither man appeared in court to hear their punishment.

Abdeslan's 2016 arrest marked the end of a four-month manhunt. He was extradited to France in 2016 and remains in custody as he awaits a trial for his alleged involvement in a night of terror in Paris.

Large-scale coordinated attacks -- which included bombings and shootings -- on Nov. 13, 2015, killed 130 people and injured more than 400 others. It was the deadliest terrorist attack in modern French history.

Gunless Coup in Armenia

Armenian Prime Minister resigns after protests
By Hilary Clarke, CNN

The Prime Minister of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, has stepped down following days of mass demonstrations in the streets of the capital Yerevan over what was seen as an unconstitutional power grab by the former president.

Sargsyan previously served two, five-year terms as president of the former Soviet Republic. First elected in 2008, he served as the country's head of state until he was appointed prime minister earlier this month.

Over the weekend Nikol Pashinyan, an opposition MP and leader of the protests, was arrested but was released Monday shortly before the announcement.

Pashinyan was the editor of Armenia's best-selling daily liberal newspaper Haykakan Zhamanak (The Armenian Times). He was often critical of Sargsyan and his predecessor, and his activism got him about two years in jail.

Armenian policemen detain an opposition supporter during a rally in central Yerevan on April 21, 2018, held to protest former president Serzh Sargsyan's election as prime minister.

"Nikol Pashinyan was right. I was wrong," Sargsyan said in a statement published on the state-owned Armenpress website.

"The situation has several solutions, but I will not take any of them. That is not mine. I am leaving office of the country's leader, of Prime Minister. The street movement is against my tenure. I am fulfilling your demand. Peace, harmony and reasoning for our country," he said.

Sargsyan took office as Prime Minister after being elected by parliament on April 17, eight days after his presidency ended.

His handpicked successor, Armen Sargsyan, no relation, was sworn in as President on April 9.

Under constitutional changes promoted by Serzh Sargsyan in 2015, the office of prime minister in Armenia became more powerful than that of president leading to concern of authoritarian rule descending on the country.

Sargsyan had previously said he would not try to become prime minster.

Nikol Pashinyan

Reports and video posted on social media showed scenes of jubilation in the capital Yerevan.

Sargsyan, 63, was a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I have to admit, giving more power to the Prime Minister, then getting the person you appointed as President to appoint you as Prime Minister does sound like something Putin would do. I suspect he's disappointed in Sargsyan resignation and concerned about what new elections might bring. I hope neither NATO nor George Soros are behind this; it could turn very ugly. Pashinyan has called for new elections.

You have to admire a man who sees the writing on the wall and steps aside before thing turn nasty. Well done, Mr Sargsyan.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

German Reporter Says Douma was Completely Staged - MSM Won't Report It

This German reporter went live on ZDF in Germany and reported that he had met with many people in Damascus who had left Douma after the infamous chemical attack. They consistently reported that it was the rebel forces who brought chlorine canisters into the area and located them where they know Syrian troops would drop bombs. 

“People told us in a very convincing manner that this whole story was staged,” Uli Gack, a reporter with the German ZDF public broadcaster, said (referring to the alleged Douma chemical attack) while he spoke live on ZDF Heute (‘Today’) show on Satuday.

The scene of the attack, which allegedly took place on April 7, was in fact the “command post” of a local Islamist group, the reporter said, citing the witnesses he was able to speak to at the refugee camp.

He went on to say that, according to the locals, the militants brought canisters containing chlorine to the area and “actually waited for the Syrian Air Force to bomb the place, which was of particular interest for them.”

As the Syrian forces eventually struck the place, which was apparently a high-priority military target, the chlorine canisters exploded. The locals also told Gack that it is not the first such provocation in Douma that was staged by the militants.

According to other witness accounts, the militants deliberately exposed people to chemical agents during what they called “training exercises” then filmed it and later presented as an “evidence” of the alleged chemical attack in Douma.

The reporter then said he could not verify the people’s statements and cannot say if they are all true but called them quite “convincing” and added that they deserve attention.

Earlier, the Russian military said that they had found a laboratory operated by militants in central Douma, which was capable of producing chemical weapons.

In particular they found a cylinder filled with chlorine, which looks similar to the one that was shown in one of the videos of the alleged chemical attack in Douma and presented as a “chemical bomb dropped from a helicopter.”

The purported chemical incident in Douma allegedly took place on April 7. A week later, Washington and its allies launched a massive retaliatory missile strike against Syria, without even waiting for the Organization for the Prohibition of the Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to start its investigation of the incident.

In the meantime, western media embarked on a massive campaign of accusing Moscow and Damascus of “blocking” the OPCW investigators from accessing the scene of the alleged attack. Gack, however, also seemingly dismissed this narrative, saying that the delay in the OPCW team’s work may indeed have been caused by security issues.

The German reporter also pointed out that some hidden extremist cells might be still operating and carrying out attacks in the recently liberated areas, even “weeks” after they had been retaken from militants.

Or, somebody ran around behind a building, fired a couple shots and a grenade to make it sound like the advance force was under attack. The OPCW's first delay was caused by the premature western strikes; I would be surprised if other delays weren't caused by western interests.

MSM response?

Gack’s report was immediately labeled as “propaganda” by some of his fellow journalists in Germany. A reporter with the German Bild daily, Bjoern Stritzel, who in particular is said to have been working undercover and actively communicating with Islamic State terrorists, lashed out at Gack, calling his report an “unbelievable pro-Assad propaganda on German Television.”

If you look for this report in English media, you will only find it in Russian News and in German on ZDF. MSM does not want to hear anything that remotely resembles the truth, only that which demonizes Assad and gives warrant to the west to keep bombing Syria to hell.

Last week, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said that there are still militants in Douma who “terrorize citizens and, among other things, impede the normal work of representatives of the international community – the UN and the OPCW.” On Saturday, the OPCW eventually confirmed that its team visited one of the sites of the suspected chemical attack in Douma and collected samples for analysis.

French Celebrities Call for ‘Fight Against Anti-Semitism’ Before ‘It’s Too Late’

Islamization is Progressing - in France

© Jack Guez / AFP

Following a string of horrendous killings of Jews in France, more than 250 prominent artists and politicians have signed a manifesto denouncing the "new anti-Semitism" marked by "Islamist radicalization" in the country.

"We demand that the fight against this democratic failure that is anti-Semitism becomes a national cause before it's too late. Before France is no longer France," reads the manifesto published by Le Parisien and signed by politicians from the left and right, including former President Nicolas Sarkozy and film star Gerard Depardieu. 

The letter goes on to say that anti-Semitism is a problem not only for Jews, and that each attack measures French “democratic maturity.”

France, according to the letter, “has become the theater of deadly anti-Semitism. This terror spreads along, provoking both popular condemnation and a media silence that the recent white march has helped break.”

The signatories, who lambasted what they view as a "quiet ethnic purging" driven by rising Islamist radicalism in France, accused the media of remaining silent on the matter.

“Why this silence?... Because electoral cunning calculates that the Muslim vote is ten times higher than the Jewish vote.”

"In our recent history, eleven Jews have been assassinated – and some tortured – by radical Islamists because they were Jewish," the manifesto says. "French Jews are 25 times more at risk of being attacked than their fellow Muslim citizens."

France’s Jewish community of 500,000 is said to be the largest in Europe. According to the declaration, 50,000 Jews have been "forced to move because they were no longer safe in certain cities and because their children could no longer go to school."

The latest attack to shock France took place in March when an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor, Mireille Knoll, was found in her burned Paris apartment with 11 stab wounds in a crime confirmed to be anti-Semitic in nature.

The woman’s death prompted 30,000 people to join a march in her memory in France, with President Emmanuel Macron pledging to fight anti-Semitism.

In April 2017, a Franco-Malian assailant beat to death a 65-year-old retired school teacher, Sarah Halimi, before throwing her from a third-story window in Paris. The man, identified as Kada Traore, shouted religious (that would be Islamic) slogans while murdering the woman in her apartment.

In March, Brigitte Bardot also spoke out against the out-of-control Islamization of France.

The Cost of Being Spoiled Brats

Korean Air heiresses resign from executive roles
By Daniel Uria  

Two Korean Air heiresses resigned from their executive roles Sunday after investigators raided the company's headquarters to collect evidence regarding allegations they had abused subordinates. Photo by Yonhap/EPA

UPI -- The head of Korean Air announced Sunday his two daughters have resigned from their positions at the company in light of allegations they abused subordinates.

Chairman of Hanjin Group and Korean Air Cho Yang-ho said his two daughters Cho Hyun-min, 35, and Cho Hyun-ah,43, will depart all posts at the Hanjin conglomerate, effective immediately.

He also said Korean Air will create a new vice chairman position to be filled by someone outside of the Cho family and will strengthen the board's role in company operations.

Cho Yang-ho also issued an apology for his daugters' behavior amid growing anger throughout South Korea against the the family-run conglomerates, known as chaebol, which dominate the country's economy.

"I am deeply sorry that problems connected to my family have worried the people and employees of Korean Air," he said. "As chairman of Korean Air and as the head of my family, I feel crushed by the immature behavior of my daughters."

The announcement comes after Seoul police raided Korean Air offices Thursday to investigate allegations that Cho Hyun-min yelled and threw water or plum juice at an advertising firm employee.

OK, this is a police incident? It's stupid, immature behaviour but the woman needs to be sent to her room not investigated by police. This is just bizarre! Her sister, on the other hand...

Investigators confiscated Cho Hyun-min's computer and two of her mobile phones and also seized mobile phones and a personal computer belonging to executive members during the marketing firm where her alleged victim works.

Police plan to determine whether the two sides had coordinated their stories and if any threats had been made to the marketing firm.

Cho Hyun-min has denied she threw the cup at the employee's face, saying she pushed it toward the ground and neither of the victims have reportedly expressed the wish to seek a case against the heiress.

The elder sister Cho Hyun-ah made global headlines in 2014 for a so-called "nut rage" incident, in which she after forced a plane to return to the gate and forced an employee to kneel and beg for forgiveness, over how macademia nuts were served.

She was sentenced to a year in prison, but later freed after an appeals court cleared her of the most of hampering an air route.

India to Strip Fugitive ‘Economic Offenders’ of Assets

Corruption is Everywhere - In India, they're fighting back

FILE PHOTO: Indian Empress superyacht © Darrin Zammit Lupi / Reuters

Indian lawmakers have approved the Finance Ministry’s proposal to punish offenders involved in economic crime and fraud of over $15mn, by stripping them of domestic assets, to deter them from fleeing abroad to escape prosecution.

On Saturday, the Union Cabinet, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved the Fugitive Economic Offenders Ordinance 2018, which allows the state to confiscate the property of offenders who flee the country. Counterfeiting currency, money laundering and fraud are some of the crimes listed in the bill, introduced in the lower house of Parliament on March 12.

“The Ordinance would lay down the measures to empower Indian authorities to attach and confiscate proceeds of crime associated with economic offenders and the properties of the economic offenders, and thereby deter economic offenders from evading the process of Indian law by remaining outside the jurisdiction of Indian courts,” the government said in a release.

Those violators who have arrest warrants issued against them but dodge prosecution, or who refuse to return to India to face charges for crimes that amount to more than 1 billion Indian Rupee ($15 million), could now be stripped of all of their assets back home pending a trial or conviction. The regulations, the government believes, will “re-establish the rule of law” by “forcing” a defendant to appear before court.

“This would also help the banks and other financial institutions to achieve higher recovery from financial defaults committed by such fugitive economic offenders, improving the financial health of such institutions,” the government added.

In order to declare an individual an economic offender, authorities have to start proceedings against the suspect in a special court, established under the 2002 Prevention of Money-laundering Act. The court then issues a notice and failure to comply with this within six weeks can lead to an arrest warrant. However, if the offender appears in person before the court, the notice would be terminated.