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Thursday, December 16, 2010

17 Year Old Persecuted Christian Girl Murdered

Nurta is my Hero of the Year for 2010
In fact, She's my Hero of the Decade

Nurta Mohamed Farah, the 17 year old who converted to Christianity in Somalia and was persecuted by her own parents, has been shot and killed. 

After finding out that she had converted to Christianity, her parents beat her, drugged her, tied her to a tree during the day and locked her in a small dark room by night. And they thought she was crazy....

There was no news about her for six months in spite of my complaining to CompassDirect, but finally this month, December 2010, we found out that she had escaped from her parents and ran to an aunt in another territory of Somalia. It wasn't far enough. Two men showed up one night and shot her in the stomach and the head, killing her.

Most believe it was an 'honour killing.' That's how messed up these Muslem fanatics are, that they would think that killing their own daughter would somehow restore honour to their family.

That Nurta suffered so horribly and ultimately was martyred, is a testimony to how powerful a real conversion to Christ is. All the disciples except John were martyred and many are still being martyred today. Christ is real and worth dying for.