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Monday, May 11, 2015

Islam Will Conquer the West, All of It

The following video is a 'must watch' for anyone who thinks Muslim immigration is not a problem, and those who appose it are racist. In a certain manner of speaking, I guess we are racist, if not being willing to have my children and grandchildren live under Sharia means we're racist.

Muezzin calling adhan
Muslim call to prayer
There is another word for people who cannot see, or refuse to see, the writing on the wall; I'll let you guess what that is.


Notice in the video that one speaker, talking about the re-conquest of Spain, claims that Spain belongs to Islam and is being 'occupied' by Spaniards. This is the level of intelligence that we have to deal with. There is no reasoning with them, and there is no living with them for very long before the daggers come out.

Now the inflow of Muslims has exploded with the thousands of refugees crossing the Mediterranean to Italy every day. Italy is mentioned several times in the video as being the first EU country to become Muslim (after Bosnia and Albania). 

Is it possible that some of this massive migration is being orchestrated? Is it possible that Islam is deliberately aiding migrants in crossing the Med?

Wake up, Europe, or you will be conquered without a shot being fired. Wake up, or you will wake up one morning to the sound of Adhan, and the horrifying realization that you are under Sharia, and your culture is completely gone!