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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Murder and Anxiety in the Elevator

When you have an anxiety disorder, nearly murdering your dogs is not a good thing. Not that it would be a good thing to murder your dogs even if you don't have an anxiety disorder.

This afternoon I decided to take a bunch of garbage and recycling out the the bins while also taking the dogs for a walk. Between the garbage, the recycling, the umbrella, and the dogs leashes, I was a little overloaded. Nevertheless, the dogs entered (albeit reluctantly) the elevator to go from our 2nd floor apartment to the main floor.

However, just as the door was closing, Bailey decided to get out and Bell followed her. The door closed and the elevator began to descend. My hands still full, I began to panic. I let go of the leashes so they would float up to the top of the door, and dropped the garbage and recycling and finally pushed STOP. It was too late, the elevator stopped at the 1st floor.

Quickly I pushed 2nd floor button and the door closed but the elevator didn't go up, it went down. Horrified, I realized that I was at the basement and again pushed the 2nd floor button. This time it went to the 2nd floor.

You can't imagine what horror I expected to see when the door opened, but the dogs were standing there waiting for me like nothing ever happened. One leash was broken, the other just came off the collar but the dogs were none the worse for wear.

I, on the other hand, was a complete waste.

My wife, Patricia with Bell (left) and Bailey (right)
Bailey has only one front leg; Bell has only one marble in her head