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Monday, May 25, 2015

Young, Mentally-ill Druggie Burns a Few Papers - Muslims Go Nuts Again

Pakistan: Muslims set Christian colony ablaze over 
new blasphemy charges

MAY 25, 2015 12:47 PM 

Those who are saying that non-Muslims should never intentionally provoke Muslims don’t realize that Islamic supremacists in places like Pakistan, where they have the upper hand, seize on even the most innocuous actions as provocations, and commit violence accordingly. 

If non-Muslims start to pattern their behavior 
according to what does not offend Muslims, 
before too long they will find themselves 
submitting to Sharia altogether.

2012 Anglican church and school burning in Madan, Pakistan
“Lahore, Muslims set Christian colony ablaze: new charges of blasphemy,”
by Jibran Khan, Asia News,

Lahore (AsiaNews) – Churches looted and vandalized; houses looted and then set on fire; residents threatened with death.

Late yesterday afternoon an angry mob of Muslims attacked the Christian colony Dhup Sarri Lahore (Punjab province), after rumors  spread of a young Christian having committed an act of blasphemy. The fate of the accused, Humayun Masih, is unknown. The police tried to contain the riots, but many police officers were injured. A team of rangers is on site to control the situation.

Rev. Riaz Arif, from the Protestant church of St. Joseph Sanda, said: “Yesterday afternoon some Muslims saw Humayun Masih burn some papers containing sacred verses. The youth is mentally unstable and a drug addict, but a group of people took him and brought him to the police station of Gulshan Ravi to file a complaint. Given his condition, the officers did not take the issue seriously. ”

At that point, the pastor continued, “some Muslim religious leaders gathered a crowd and spread the news. The situation became increasingly tense: Muslims blocked the road in protest against Christians demanding  Humayun be burned alive. The attack took place between 5-6pm”

The police intervened to stop the riots, using tear gas, but with little success. Even the deputy inspector general of police was injured.

Kudos to the Lahore police who, courageously, 
did all the right things. You are my heroes today.

The Catholic church in the area was attacked; Bibles and religious books were burned. Some Christians have fled, others are still locked in their homes.

Fr. John Arshad, a priest of the Dhup Sarri Catholic church, explains: “I was doing my regular rounds after Sunday mass, when I received the news of a Christian man assaulted and taken to the police station. Together with Rizwan Paul and Malik Jahangir I went there, but when I arrived I saw Muslims vandalize and destroy everything that was in the church. I also heard gunshots. From what I know Humayun Masih is mentally unstable and in the custody of the police. ”

In the hours after the attack news that the Christian had been killed spread. However, the priest adds, “I cannot confirm anything, the situation is still uncertain.”

On 15 March in Lahore two bombers blew themselves up at the entrance of two Christian churches in the Youhanabad colony.

First, Afghanistan Muslims go berserk when a Muslim scholar was wrongly accused of burning a Quran and subsequently murdered with astonishing brutality. Now Pakistani Muslims react with similar insanity to the actions of a mentally disturbed drug addict, and trash a good part of a Christian community. In this case religious leaders incited the crowd. They must be held accountable for all the destruction they caused.

Afghanistan and Pakistan represent well over 200 million people, almost all of whom are Muslims and almost all of whom are living on the edge of sanity. A lie, a mere suggestion, is all it takes to push them over the edge. 

Western countries are importing these potential lunatics at breath-taking rates. It's like pulling the pin on a hand-grenade then hoping it doesn't go off. It will go off! It's just a matter of time and a tiny spark.