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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Think You've Had a Tough Winter so Far? You Haven't Seen Anything Like This

Don't tell that to the people of Oymyakon, Russia - the coldest permanently inhabited settlement on Earth. Though it's situated just one degree north of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, average January temperatures in Oymyakon are nearly 20 degrees colder — below 50 degrees Celsius. 

Now is that below -50 deg C, or 50 deg C below? You can tell I used to  be a weatherman.

Not to be mistaken for Walmart

It's that extreme cold that motivated New Zealand-based photographer Amos Chapple to travel to Oymyakon last winter. Unsurprisingly, people in the village were not in a particularly happy mood.

"The village, to be honest, was kind of depressed," he said. "There was a lot of drunkenness, and people were not as welcoming as I would have thought." 

How likely, Amos, is it that any of those people wanted to be there? And, why are they there, it's not like it's great farmland? I doubt that there are many golf courses.

Wonder if it's self-serve? Looks like it with steps leading up to a window.
Photographing the village was a "nightmare," according to Chapple, who had difficulties finding willing subjects — people would scurry to and from buildings, usually with their face in their hands to stay warm. He instead worked to find subjects by following around local animals.

"It's very desolate, and very very isolated, said Chapple. "The trip there really made that clear. It's absolutely deserted tundra all around.

"A bit more intense than I'd imagined."

Wonder if they have fur-lined seats, or if you have to bring your own?
Intensity aside, Chapple returned home to New Zealand with some amazing shots. Grab a mug of hot cocoa, and take a look through our gallery. You might even be able to feel the chill through your screen.

One thing is for sure, despite the drunkenness and lack of hospitality, these people are a long way from Hell.