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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Paris Massacre A Sign of Things to Come with Creeping Islamization

Excellent report from BBC covering the Charlie Hebdo massacre, including two cell-phone videos.

Also comprehensive live coverage is available from BBC.

Charlie Hebdo attackers shooting at police before racing away
Charlie Hebdo is a left wing paper who's intent is to shock and ridicule. They have no favourites, apparently, everyone is fair game to them - an equal-opportunity offender, you might say.

While some of us might (probably would) find their content offensive, in a western society, their right to offend, or free speech, is a cornerstone of a free society. Islam's attack on such freedoms should be cause for reflection in European countries where Muslims are immigrating in the 100s of thousands.

Germany's Pegida movement has come under some harsh criticism from many 'higher purpose persons' in government and industry, but this is the very type of thing that they are trying to spare Germany from; and it's going to get worse.

For France, Germany and other EU countries, increasing Muslim immigration will result in a corresponding decrease in tolerance for free speech, free dress, free expression in the arts and any western value that conflicts with the Quran or Shariah.

Countries that are admitting thousands of Muslim refugees are committing cultural suicide. While liberal governments, in the name of humanity, invite them in, they are really loading the cultural gun.