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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

19 Year-old German Woman, 38 weeks Pregnant, Stabbed and Burned Alive in Honour Killing

Coroner removing the burnt bodies of 19 year-old Maria and her unborn baby
By Theodore Shoebat

Two Muslim Turks in Berlin, Germany, took a pregnant 19 year old girl named Maria, stabbed her in the stomach, then covered her whole body in gasoline, set her on fire and watched her burn to death. They then covered her charcoaled body with leaves (pine branches) and left.

I did a whole video on this gruesome murder:

Watch video

This is what the report from one English speaking media outlet tells us:

Two men were arrested after a heavily pregnant 19-year-old woman was burned to death in a Berlin wood and one has confessed to the crime, police said Saturday.

One suspect is the ex-boyfriend of the victim and the other is his friend, a police spokeswoman said. Both suspects are also 19.

The victim was stabbed numerous times in the abdomen and burned alive late Thursday in the eastern Berlin district of Adlershof.

Walkers found the body Friday morning near a woodland path when their dog started barking and acting strangely.

The first suspect was arrested a few hours later. The two suspects are charged with murder and termination of a pregnancy.

They are to be brought before a court Saturday.

Notice how this report never mentions the fact that the murderers were Muslims, and one of them was given the name of “Muhammad” in one German report in order to protect his identity.

According to the German publication, Kopp Online, the Muslim who stabbed and burned her, named Muhammad, was Turkish and demanded that the girl get an abortion. When this did not happen, he and an accomplice burned her alive.

Is it any wonder why so many Germans want mass-deportation of Muslims?

Just yesterday I got into an argument with a deacon who is teaching that the Europeans who want mass deportation of Muslims are “un-Christ like.” I told him that numerous Church Fathers and other ancient Christian theologians, such as Firmicus, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Robert Bellarmine, Francisco Vitoria, and others, all believed that heretical and dangerous ideologies need to be outlawed.

From a German web-site, translated by Google:

The 19-year-old native of Berlin-Lichtenberg and was about to give birth. In her lungs combustion residues were closed during the autopsy, which proves that she was still alive when she was burned. 

German courts will recognize now that honor killing is deeply rooted among immigrants from the Islamic world and accepted there. Exactly one year ago was a German-Afghan who stabbed his pregnant girlfriend, was in front of the Wiesbaden district court and received an Islamic discount.

The judges found, the offender “had been due to its cultural and religious backgrounds in a predicament.” It’s called the migrant bonus. If I, as an ethnic German, were to stab a pregnant Turkish woman, I would get a higher sentence than a Turk who stabs a very pregnant German. I am now in my own home as German – judicially sanctioned – a second class citizen.

This is exactly what brings the demonstrators of PEGIDA now in masses on the streets. Our media lies boldly claim that there is no Islamization and talk about the alleged Islamisation. We take all considerations of the practices of our oriental immigrants.

In Turkey, honor killings in pregnant women after studies at the University of Izmir today are as common as eggs in German households. And in many Islamic countries – such as Jordan and Pakistan – in fact there are no penalties for honor killings.

Globally, I found 90 percent of honor killings take place in Muslim families. By giving discounts for oriental honor killings to justice, we encourage the offender. That is a fact. Yes, there is a discount Islam in German courts. Islam reduces any case, the criminal responsibility in Islamic murderers .

In Afghanistan last month:

A pregnant girl, whose face was badly burnt by acid, has been found dead in the southern province of Helmand, an official said on Monday.

Police spokesman Maj. Farid Ahmad Obaid told Pajhwok Afghan News the body was recovered a ruined house in Bashran area late on Sunday. The victim’s identity is yet to be established.

The Bost Civil Hospital director said the victim was 17 years old and was pregnant. Nisar Ahmad Barak added the girl was stabbed before being attacked with acid.

Human rights official Bilal Ahmad Sadiqi condemned the incident and said neither Islam nor humanity allowed such barbaric acts.

He asked security organs to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice. The girl was probably killed by her family, he believed.

But whoever did it can be forgiven by a family member, then there can be no prosecution.