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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015's First International Incident - A Selfie!

Who would have thought that a photo of 4 beautiful, smiling contestants at the Miss Universe Pageant, would create the first international incident of the year. Here's the photo:
Miss Israel, Miss Lebanon, Miss Slovenia & Miss Japan
Aren't you horrified! Can you imagine how such a provoking picture could even be taken let alone Instagrammed? Do you see it yet? Keep looking!

I'll narrow it down for you - concentrate on the two girls on the left. No, Miss Lebanon is not holding a bomb in her hand, or ricin, or anything else. The problem is she is standing next to Miss Israel! That's it! God help us, we may never recover from such a disaster.

Lebanon went nuts! They wanted the very lovely Miss Lebanon, Saly Greige, to be fired as Miss Lebanon and withdrawn from the Miss Universe pageant. Can you believe that? Why? Because, technically Lebanon is at war with Israel though hardly a shot has been fired between the two neighbours since 2006.

Nevertheless, the Lebanese were horrified and greatly upset. In Israel, there was no backlash for Miss Israel, Doron Matalon, being seen in the same image as Miss Lebanon. Curious eh? The difference is, the Israelis don't hate anyone. Judaism is not a religion of hate; Islam is. And the main object of Islam's hatred is Israel. 

Miss Kosovo, Miss Lebanon,
and Miss Lithuania, I think.
It goes all the way back to Isaac and Ismael, the sons of Abraham. Isaac was the 'son of promise' the God had promised Abraham; Ishmael was the 'illegitimate son' who was cast out because of his hatred for his half brother. 

Enmity has been between Arabs and Jews ever since, but mostly from the Arabs as Ishmael resented Isaac's relationship with his father. To make things worse, that same relationship exists between Israel today and Father God, and the Arabs still hate and resent it.

So Miss Lebanon had to issue a statement saying that she was being quite diligent in avoiding being photographed with Miss Israel, and that Miss Israel basically photo-bombed what was meant to be a selfie of Miss Lebanon, Miss Slovenia and Miss Japan. The call for her head seems to have calmed down a little so she may be able to continue in the pageant.

Miss Israel simply asked why they can't put politics aside for 3 weeks and just be friends? Good question, but I think I have already answered it.

This is the second incident involving a beauty queen in a week. The first was not international but limited to Turkey. Merve Büyüksaraç, Miss Turkey 2006, was hauled into court for reposting a poem on Instagram that insulted President Erdogan. 

Apparently, free speech is fine in Turkey unless you insult the Prophet or the President. It's just possible that the President sees himself on a par with Mohammad.