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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Legendary Singer Pat Boone Calls Barack Obama Treasonous

Legendary singer Pat Boone has sold more than 45 million albums, behind only Elvis Presley in the 1950’s.

Now Boone is gaining notoriety with millions of Americans because of what he’s saying about Barack Obama.

“If there’s a clearer definition of treason, I can’t think of it,” said Pat Boone. 

Boone recently laid out all the incriminating factors that make this president one of the most treasonous “Americans” since Benedict Arnold.

OK, let me jump in here to say that if Obama were a Islamic plant, I can't think of anything he would do differently from what he has done. So I'm not altogether in disagreement with Mr Boone.

Having said that, my comments below are meant to bring honesty and reality (truth) into the article. They are liable to offend some of my readers who are incapable of giving credit where it is due. I fear for America - its conservative/liberal polarization causes too many people to spout only hatred and disregard the truth. It has also caused many Christians to think and act very unChristian-like. I hope you can handle that.

Obama by his own autobiographical accounts is a Marxist sympathizer, who sought out ideologically aligned college professors on three different campuses in, according to Boone.

Boone went on to lambast Obama for declaring the Constitution a “flawed” document and vowing to use his “phone and pen” to correct what he sees as the true, underlying problem in the world today, America. That's a little scary.

Obama set out to weaken our military, firing those generals who objected to surrendering to our enemies in foreign countries … countries we have fought to bring peace to and sacrificed so much blood and treasure to free, Boone contended. Of course, he set out to end war, just as he said he would. If he had to boot some generals, so be it. But he did what he promised even if it was fool-hardy and only lasted for a few months.

Boone also noted Obama appointed an attorney general who allows illegal immigrants to cross our border at will, then actually helps those criminals abuse the system at the expense of taxpayers.

How can you call someone who wants to leave Mexico or other Central American countries, and are willing to do whatever it takes - criminals. Survivors is a better term. Almost all of Central America is rife with criminal gangs. In many cities, you have to join a gang to survive. Getting your children to America before they are 'radicalized' is worthy of praise not condemnation. Where is your Christian compassion, Pat? Where in the New Testament does it tell you to circle the wagons and keep the poor and desperate out?

Boone blasted Obama for setting out to destroy the country financially, racking up trillions of dollars in debt; three times that of all presidents before him. This argument is simply absurd! Who drove the national dept rocketing skyward? It was G W Bush who started a war where he had no business starting a war, then funding it by borrowing the money from China and Saudi Arabia.

Who handed Obama an economy in absolute tatters? An economy that the had to spend his way out of or drive the economy into a very deep depression. That he has put the country in serious danger because of its absurdly enormous debt is not in question, but what choice did he have?

The US has had an improving economy every single month for several years in spite of congress being so obviously obstructive. Unemployment has dropped every month as well. How is it that conservative Americans cannot admit that? You're as bad as Obama refusing to call terrorists radical Muslims. 

Of course this president not only will not name the enemy of our country, but he also actively releases radical Islam’s murderous leaders from Guantanamo Bay, only for them to return to the battlefield to kill more Americans, Boone argued. No argument here. See my previous post for my opinion on that.

Pat Boone may have been a teen heart-throb in the 1950s, but today he is a genuine American patriot, willing to risk ostracization and take enormous amounts of criticism from the entertainment industry for standing up for America against Barack Hussein Obama.

I love Pat Boone. I love his singing. I like him as a person. But he did try and raise Rock Hudson from the dead.