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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What is Really Going on in Aleppo? It is Tragic and Infuriating!

Western powers, ie USA, Britain, France, Germany, etc., are supporting a rag-tag ensemble of rebels in an attempt to get them all on the same page in order to overthrow Assad. There are 22 different groups fighting in East Aleppo, all of whom are involved in the bombing and murdering of civilians including children in West Aleppo as they try to expand their territory westward. 

These are the people the west wants to win! These are the people the west wants to govern Syria. At the very least they are no better than Assad and because they are so fragmented, each with their own motivations and ambitions, they can never form a stable government and could easily end up a far worse regime than Assad's. They could also end up being a far bigger threat to Israel. 

The main force in this 'coalition' is the Al-Nusra Front which is associated with al Queda. Western powers are supplying them with weapons, finances, and propaganda facilities. According to the two very knowledgeable women interviewed below the apparently heroic 'white helmets' are trained mercenaries and murderers who are well armed and whose real purpose is to help resupply the rebels.

One point made several times is that western media are deliberately propagandizing western efforts overthrow Assad. Such a scheme is really only going to keep the war going ad infinitum until Syria is a complete wasteland, but it is really good for arms merchants to keep the inventory moving. It's hard to understand why left-leaning western media are playing into the hands of the military industrial establishment, but they are.

The narrative written below is a poor excerpt from the video. Please watch and listen especially to the reporter who is also interviewed.

West, Arab States ‘Protecting Terrorists’ Who Will Never Win in Syria – Mother Agnes

 © Bassam Khabieh
© Bassam Khabieh / Reuters

The West and the Arab states keep sponsoring and defending militants in Syria, despite the fact that they will never prevail against the government, Christian nun and Syrian peace campaigner Mother Agnes-Mariam told RT.

“It’s a tragedy for the civilians and for any person that’s living in Syria because there’s no security. And the security doesn’t exist because the international community is still financing and protecting the terrorists,” she said. 

The mother superior of the monastery of St James the Mutilated in Syria’s Homs province said that she couldn’t understand why the foreign powers are “gambling with the names” of terror groups.

Al-Qaeda’s offshoot Jabhat al-Nusra “changes its name and it becomes a moderate rebel [group]. And all this is threatening the lives of millions of people,” she stressed.

“Western and Arab powers are helping Jabhat al-Nusra as being the sole rebel power to be strong enough to stand facing the Syrian Arab Army,” Mother Agnes-Mariam said.

However, she said that this support will only add to the suffering of the population, but won’t bring the results desired by the militants’ sponsors.

“I don’t think that the opposition will end up in power because they’re… totally divided among them,” the Melite nun explained.

Mother Agnes-Mariam expressed regret that her humanitarian work in Aleppo has been distorted and even “demonized” by the Western media.

“The main stream media don’t care about what’s really happening on the ground. What they care about is to produce things that are more in harmony with their policies. It’s brainwashing. They can orient the public opinion towards what they would like the people to believe,” she said.

According to the nun, her group provides help to all the side of the conflicts, including the militants and their families.

“The rebels from the Free Syrian Army, they have esteem for what I might give them security, counseling and also humanitarian help,” she said.

“But the mainstream media and those who are standing behind them, they don’t care about any good we’re doing. They always try to translate what we’re doing into politics...  And it’s a real scandal,” Mother Agnes-Mariam added.