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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"That Makes Me Smart"! Sure!

If you have been following this blog for awhile you know that I haven't paid a lot of attention to the presidential race in the USA. You may even know that I do not like 'reality TV' nor do I like the 'theatre of the absurd', both of which describe the last year and a half of American electioneering. Consequently, I did not watch the big debate last night; I was happy to watch a few highlights, although I'm not sure that's the appropriate word. What I heard was disturbing but very telling.

Hillary Clinton missed a great opportunity last night to destroy Donald Trump; whether she didn't hear his remark or just wasn't ready for it, only she knows. But when she announced that Trump had paid zero dollars in taxes for some years (I'm not sure how she found that out, it seems unlikely that it was public information), Trump interjected with the comment, "That makes me smart"! Does it? Maybe, but saying it was a pretty stupid thing to do for several reasons:

1. He's calling everyone else in America who pays taxes - stupid for doing so.

2. That sets an example for Americans to emulate. If All Americans were 'smart', there would be no government, no police, no military, no justice system, no prison system, no food and drug control, etc., etc. Society would completely collapse into anarchy.

3. If Trump becomes President, he would have to deal with that very problem of falling tax revenues. Consequently, he would have to raise taxes in many areas and eliminate tax breaks, ie mortgages. God forbid he should attempt to tax the wealthy.

4. Trump has as much as admitted that the entire government, military, police, etc., etc, systems are being carried on the backs of middle income Americans who, obviously, aren't very 'smart'. 

5. That means that Trump and many other extremely wealthy people do not support the American military, police or firefighters. They seem quite happy with allowing middle income Americans to shoulder all that responsibility. Their responsibility is to their own greed, not to America.

They are quite happy to send Americans into war zones where they know some will come back in body bags, or missing some parts, because many of America's wealthy benefit financially from Americans using their weapons, etc. And, all too often, those soldiers are fighting an enemy using American weapons as well. All the more profit for American arms manufacturers to hide in off-shore accounts away from the IRS.

One of the reasons middle Americans are supporting Trump is because he is rogue; he's not in the pockets of the 1% who are telling Congress and the Senate how to vote on any bill concerning them. And that's refreshing, the thought of the 1% not being able to control the government. It is, however, wishful thinking, for two reasons:

1. Trump is one of the 1%, so how would his policies differ from the others?

2. If he did attempt to make some significant changes to benefit middle-income Americans at the expense of the tax-free 1%, he would be stymied at every turn by Congress and the Senate who are still in the pockets of the rich and tax-free.