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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Is Muslim Extremism Being Taught in the USA?


On May 14, the Islamic Center of England is hosting an event with an extremist preacher named Abdul Nasir Jangda. The event is cosponsored by the Qalam Institute and the prominent Muslim charity, Islamic Relief.


Abdul Nasir Jangda is an apologist for sex slavery. According to detailed notes published by one of Jangda’s students during one of his seminars, Jangda has defended the use of slavery within Islam, reportedly stating that: “Slavery in Islam … is vastly different and superior morally and spiritually to the atrocious, obscene, and vile Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.” Jangda adds that Muslim men may have sexual relations with their slaves provided she is unmarried and a follower of an Abrahamic religion.

Furthermore, Jangda reportedly:

expressed support for the killing of apostates and adulterers;
claimed that a wife cannot refuse her husband sex: “The thing to understand is that the husband has his set of divinely given rights one of which is the right to have his physical desires satisfied”;
and called for people who drink alcohol to be beaten: “One of the largest causes of death in the United States is drunk driving. Such policies would help curb them immensely and avoid harm to the people at large.”

Jangda is also an instructor at the Al Maghrib Institute. His colleagues at Al Maghrib include Abu Eesa Niamatullah, who has said of Jews, “They find it so easy and natural to do what they do….Look at them today, look at the way they massacre. They blow up babies like as if it’s a computer game. They have no humanity, no morality, no ethics.”

Nice to know that he thinks ISIS to be much more moral than the Jews. At least we know where he stands.

The founder of Al Maghrib, Muhammad Al Shareef, has written a paper titled, ‘Why the Jews Were Cursed,’ in which he claims that Jews control the media and murder prophets, and advises Muslims not to “take Jews as our close allies.”

One of the sponsoring organisations of the event, Islamic Relief, is a prominent Muslim Brotherhood charity with ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The previous week - a different charity - another sex slave advocate


On May 6th, the Islamic charity Helping Hands is hosting an event in Marlborough, Massachusetts, fundraising for “children with disabilities.” Once again, however, a virtuous cause is sullied by the choice of speakers.


The preacher headlining the event is Mufti Hussain Kamani of the Qalam Institute. Kamani has called upon God to “reward the martyrs of ‪Palestine.” And in a pamphlet titled, ‘The Prophetic Code,’ published by the Qalam Institute, Kamani cites Quranic verse and commentary, in which he tells Muslims: “do not resemble the Jews.” Parents are also advised to “beat” their children “if they do not [pray].”

In a talk titled ‘Sex, Masturbation and Islam,’ Kamani explains that a Muslim man must only fulfil his sexual desires “with his spouse…[or] with a female slave that belongs to him.”

Those who commit adultery or have sex outside of marriage, Kamani also states, must be “stoned to death.”

During another talk on ‘Rights Of A Wife In Islam,’ Kamani explains “how to deal with the women folk” and how Muslim husbands can “train their wives.” Beating women, Kamani advises, should only be a “last measure.”

One of the other speakers, Dr. Farhan Abdul Azeez, is also of concern. Azeez has published Facebook posts in support of Babar Ahmad, a Taliban fundraiser who ran a website advocating for jihad against the “infidels” and listing detailed instructions on sending funds to named Taliban officials in Pakistan. The U.S. government also claimed that Ahmad was linked to a Chechen terror leader “who participated in, among other things, the planning of the Moscow theater attack in October 2002,” in which 120 civilians were killed.

Azeez has also disseminated sermons warning of the violent, fiery consequences of committing adultery; and opinion pieces that condemn the “hypocrisy of the West” for “ignoring the context” of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Helping Hands may not itself be all that innocent. In 2013, counter-terrorism analysts noted that the charity was financially linked to “the Al-Khidmat Foundation, a Pakistani charity which gave a 6 million rupee check to Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in 2006.”

So the question is, are these extremists who are being given a platform to spew their hate-speech, or are they ordinary Muslims who believe what most Muslims believe? Either answer is rather disturbing.