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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Iranian Crackdown on Un-Islamic Behaviour Will Backfire

30+ Iranian students lashed 99 times because of coed party
By Allen Cone

Iranian hard-line university students shout "death to America " as they gather in front of the Greek Embassy in Tehran, Iran on April 8, 2014. Students demonstrated over the recent human rights resolution passed by the European Parliament. Recently, some students were punished for hosting a coed graduatiuon party. FIle photo by Maryam Rahmanian/UPI | License Photo

TEHRAN, May 28 (UPI) -- More than 30 Iranian college students were arrested and given 99 lashes after they attended a co-ed graduation party, Iran's judiciary announced.

Prosecutor Esmail Sadeghi Niaraki said the women were described as "half naked," meaning they were not wearing Islamic coverings, scarves and long coats, and "dancing and jubilating."

Jubilating will get you every time! 'Half naked' actually means 'visible'; Islam likes to keep its women invisible, because its men seem to be completely devoid of self-control.

The prosecutor said authorities don't tolerate "law-breakers who use excuses such as freedom and having fun in birthday parties and graduation ceremonies," the Mizan News Agency reported.

The authorities received a report that a party attended was being held in a villa on the outskirts of Qazvin, about 90 miles northwest of the capital.

"We hope this will be a lesson for those who break Islamic norms in private places," Niaraki said.

The report by Iran's Mizan News Agency didn't say when the party occurred or give the students' names, ages or schools.

Lashings had been punishment since the Islamic revolution of 1979, but lately it's been more of a threat.

Iranian people are not generally intensely Islamic. They are probably more secular at heart, and I can't imagine such heavy-handedness by the theocratic state is going to win them many friends in this year's graduating class of students. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the spark that eventually lights a revolution of the revolution.

One day earlier, the state news media reported raids on parties in Kerman and at a "singles home" in Semnan, both provincial capitals.

Iran's judiciary earlier arrested eight people involved in online modeling without heads coverings and questioned a former model on state television.

God forbid, we wouldn't want men to find out that women have hair on their heads.