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Monday, July 6, 2015

Hamas Murders Gaza Wedding Party for Singing

Hamas shooting Gaza wedding party for singing
A rare video from a few years ago that shows the terror regime that Gaza Arabs live under the Muslim Brotherhood Hamas regime.

This is just an incredible demonstration of how horrible it must be for Palestinians living under the Hamas regime. The narrator of this video is genuinely outraged at the behavior of Hamas terrorists towards their own people. Yet there may be others who are to blame. Those who allow this to go on.

The Western world, the UN, the media. Yes, all of them have seen this inhuman behavior and have not condemned it, and those who encourage it. The media continues to condemn Israel, the only country in the world that has been fighting the subhuman, beastly behavior of the Hamas.

This is the true reason that the Hamas together with all radical Islamic groups continues to slaughter, degrade, and subjugate its own people and threaten Israel and the Western world with bombs, terror attacks, and beheadings. When will the world wake up?

Watch video here