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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

1.5 Million IS Supporters in Britain?

From Pamela Geller

Britain’s policy of appeasement and submission has enabled the supporters of jihad to become bolder and bolder. Do British authorities think that by demonizing forces of freedom and banning Robert Spencer and me from the country that they will keep these 1.5 million Muslims (and there are almost certainly more than that) happy and make them good citizens? If so, they’re in for a very rude awakening.

David Cameron - Look-out behind you Mr C.
“Muslim leader: ‘ISIS-supporting Brits may be disenfranchised by Tory cuts,'” by Nick Sommerlad, Mirror

A Mirror poll showing that 1.5 million Brits see themselves as supporters of ISIS has sparked swift responses from Muslim leaders.

Muslim leaders have responded to the Mirror’s disturbing poll showing that 1.5 million Brits identified as supporters of the brutal so-called Islamic State.

One prominent leader has even said Muslims here may be disenfranchised with new Tory policies which are turning them to have sympathies for IS and their belief system.

Pollsters ICM found that opposition to IS has hardened during twelve months of barbaric atrocities, with 80% of British people now having a “very unfavourable” view of them compared with 45% last July.

But, staggeringly, the poll of 2,016 British adults taken over the weekend also found that support for the terror group was up by 2%, to 9%.

It found that 3% have a “very favourable view”, up 1% from a year ago – suggesting that around half of Britain’s three million Muslims could be ISIS sympathisers. Another 6% admitted having a “somewhat favourable” view, up from five per cent last year….

Note the trends identified by Dr Peter Hammond for Muslim influence on European countries by percentage of population. Britain is now at, at least, 5%, and with half of them IS supporters, expect them to behave like a lot more than 5% on Dr Hammond's scale.

Yesterday in Paris a man turned over tables in a restaurant shouting that it was Ramadan, and they shouldn't be eating. Didn't matter that they weren't Muslim. Muslims expect non-Muslims to behave like Muslims. We see that in parts of London where Sharia patrols attempt, peacefully, to convince Brits to dress more modestly and behave more conservatively in their area of town. They are peaceful now but for how long?

Metropolitan France consists of somewhere between 6 and 11% Muslims, so they are a ways ahead of the UK on Hammond's scale. But watch what happens in France, for it will soon follow in the UK. 

Note that the population of France, which just hit 65 million is still growing in spite of a birthrate among ethnic French that is well below 2 children per family. It is because Muslim birthrates are much higher, consequently, the growth in the percentage of France that is Muslim is increasing rapidly.

Now at least one study has shown that about 2/3rds of France's Muslims don't actually practice their faith. That, however, is a meaningless stat. We have seen in Britain that younger generation Muslims are much more religious and militant than their parents. France could very quickly become overrun with militant Muslims. In fact, I would bet on it happening.