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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Canada: Muslims Planned to Infiltrate Synagogue, Murder Jewish Children

John Nuttall and Amanda Korody
Jihad Watch

Where did these converts to Islam get the idea that murdering Jews would be pleasing to Allah? Are Canadian authorities investigating that question, or are they content to wave such questions away with the claim that they were “radicalized on the Internet”?

“Accused B.C. terrorist aimed to kill ‘small Jews’ 
to save them from hell: trial,” 

by Geordon Omand, The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER – A woman found guilty of helping to mastermind a terrorist bomb plot wanted to infiltrate a synagogue and kill “small Jews” to save the children from going to hell, a court has heard.

Police notes presented in B.C. Supreme Court on Monday recounted Amanda Korody’s husband John Nuttall telling an undercover officer that his wife believed she would be doing Jewish children a favour by sending them to paradise, since she believed “grown-up Jews” go to “eternal hell” when they die.

“I asked Nuttall how he thinks he will have access to Jewish kids and he said they were both white and could pass for Jewish,” Crown lawyer Sharon Steele read from the undercover RCMP officer’s notes, dated from March 2013.

“They will be regulars in the synagogue. They will gain the trust of everybody. And once they have everything they will get enough guns and ammo to go ahead with their mission.”

Nuttall acknowledged that Jewish children were non-combatants but explained that they would be raised to hate Arabs and Muslims, wrote the undercover officer. However, Nuttall eventually conceded that “you never know, they may convert (to Islam) in their adulthood.”

Nuttall and Korody were found guilty of plotting to detonate homemade pressure-cooker bombs at the B.C. legislature during Canada Day celebrations two years ago.

Lawyers for the self-described Muslim converts are in court arguing that the RCMP entrapped the pair through an elaborate, months-long undercover sting operation.

“Self-described Muslim converts”? Odd locution. Apparently the Canadian Press is skeptical about their conversion to Islam since everyone knows that Islam is a Religion of Peace and that True Muslims would never get involved in something like killing Jews.

The court heard that Canada’s spy agency sent a brief disclosure letter to the RCMP in late 2012, identifying Nuttall as a possible threat.

Police had already confronted Nuttall on a number of occasions by then, including after his friend reported that the suspect claimed to have shot a Jewish woman.…

Canada is such a long way from recognizing the jihadi nature of young Muslims. They are not good, peaceful citizens like some of their parents. The younger generation is more religious than their parents and are quite easily radicalized. The death and destruction they will cause in the near future will just continue to increase, especially if we continue to close our eyes and believe what is so obviously untrue: Islam is a religion of peace.

The diabolic nature of Islam is quite frightening. They teach thing like: killing unbelievers will earn you Paradise, dying while killing unbelievers is even better, and doing it during Ramadan is even better still.

Korody's desire to save Israeli children from Hell,  if true, means she would have murdered perhaps dozens of children out of the 'goodness' of her heart. How do you argue with a religion like that? How do you guard your children from them? It's sheer madness!