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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Where is the World's Largest Refugee Camp?

No, it is not in Italy or Greece, it is in Kenya, Africa, but its existence
is a result of Muslim violence - so what else is new?

Kenya delays closure of world's largest refugee camp
   © TONY KARUMBA / AFP | This file photo taken on July 31, 2011 shows Somali refugees walking in
   the new Ifo-extension at the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, the largest refugee camp in the world.


Kenya said on Wednesday it had to agreed to delay the closure of a huge Somali refugee camp that it sees as a security risk, after international pressure to give residents more time to find new homes.

Nairobi had vowed to shut Dadaab camp this month, saying it was being used by Islamist militants from neighbouring Somalia who have launched a string of attacks on Kenyan soil.

But rights groups criticised the decision, saying it would hurt Somalis fleeing violence and poverty, and accused Nairobi of forcibly sending people back to a war zone. The government dismisses that allegation.

“The government has accepted the request to extend the deadline for the completion of repatriation of Somali refugees, and this is essential to the closure of the Dadaab refugee complex, by six months,” Interior Minister Joseph Ole Nkaissery said.

“However, the ongoing voluntary repatriation will continue uninterrupted,” he told a news conference.

This week, a ministry official had told Reuters that the November deadline would be missed, although he did not give a new timetable. He also dismissed accusations from Amnesty International and others about forcible repatriations.

The official said the camp was now home to about 250,000 people, while U.N. officials had put the figure at about 350,000 at the start of the year.

More than half a million people lived there a few years ago.

“Kenya should end its threats to close the Dadaab camps,” Gerry Simpson, senior refugee researcher for New York-based Human Rights Watch, said in a statement.

“The U.N. refugee agency and donors should press Kenya to publicly reassure Somalia refugees they are welcome in Kenya until it safe for them to return,” he added.

Somalia’s Western-backed government is battling an Islamist insurgency as it oversees a fragile reconstruction effort after decades of conflict. Swathes of the country do not have basic services.


So, why are HRW and the UN jumping on Kenya for wanting to close Dadaab? Why aren't they jumping on other Muslim countries for causing mass migrations in the first place. Why isn't Islam held, at least somewhat, accountable for causing the vast majority of displaced persons in the world? Why don't wealthy Muslim countries pressure Islamic militants to stop their insanity and live in some semblance of peace? 

Could the answer be that most wealthy Muslim countries want the violence to continue? Could it be that much of that violence is actually supported and enabled by wealthy Islamic countries? Could it be that they want migrants to live in unacceptable conditions until they have had enough and choose to migrate to Europe? Could this be the high-level strategy for finally conquering Europe after more than a millennium of trying?

What does that tell you about Islam other than its long-stated goal of dominating the world and eliminating all other religions? How is it that Muslims from 3 continents cannot find a peaceful place to live in Islam? What makes them think that they will find it in Europe? For by their very presence, they bring the violence and intolerance that marks Islam into countries that were once peaceful and prosperous. And Europeans are inviting them to come thinking they will adapt to western living and values. Some will, but many will not, and we know that newer generations of Muslims living in the west are considerably more devout and militant than their parents. 

It's time to make Islam an Islamic problem, not an European problem.