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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Law Society of B.C. to Appeal Trinity Western Decision to Supreme Court of Canada

Last week court ruled decision not to recognize Trinity law school grads "unreasonable"
The Canadian Press

    The B.C. Law Society intends to appeal last week's decision that found it must recognize future 
    lawyers from Trinity Western University.

The Law Society of British Columbia intends to appeal last week's decision that found it must recognize future lawyers from a Christian law school.

Trinity Western University Law School wins legal battle in B.C. court

The B.C. Appeal Court ruled last week the society's decision not to recognize graduates from Trinity Western University's proposed law school is "unreasonable."

Now, the law society is seeking leave to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court of Canada, arguing that the decision is a matter of national significance.

The dispute stems from the university's controversial community covenant that bans sexual intimacy outside of heterosexual marriage, which the law society has argued discriminates against LGBTQ people. 

Part of the argument presented in last week's hearing is that there are no LGBTQ students at Trinity Western. Few if any LGBTQ people who attend university would choose to attend an overtly Christian campus. So the covenant doesn't affect any LGBTQ students, because there aren't any.

The worrisome thing here is that if the Supreme Court rules against Trinity, it will mean the end of the covenant and will soon mean the end of any Christian Universities in Canada. There simply won't be any significant way to distinguish a Christian college from a secular college.

It's a pity the Law Society is so fixed on the rights of students who don't exist while working so valiantly against the rights of thousands of Christian students who actually do exist. It is so obviously anti-Christian bigotry. Let's hope and pray that the Supreme Court will see through this.