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Friday, July 15, 2016

There Will Be No Stopping the Megalomaniac Now

Turkey's coup appears to be failing

It's still too early to be sure but it looks like the military coup on Turkey has failed. This is very bad news, not just for Turkey but for the whole world.

The military has a constitutional responsibility to see that the government remains secular, but it did not exercise that responsibility soon enough, and now it appears to have failed.

President Erdogan will use this failed coup as justification to purge the military of any senior officers who are not in favour of turning Turkey into a Caliphate, or are opposed to Sharia Law being instituted.

Expect Erdogan to also use this coup attempt as an excuse to ram through his reforms to democracy, which will undoubtedly end up with Erdogan having even more power then he already has, and quite possibly declaring himself President for life. - Who's going to stop him?

A former ambassador quoted Erdogan from when he was a mayor as saying, "democracy is like a streetcar, you ride it until you get to your stop, and then you get off"!

There will be no stopping the megalomaniac now.