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Thursday, July 28, 2016

God's Plan, Psychotic Break, or Demonic Possession

Richard Bain knew killing was wrong, but was
following God's plan, defence psychiatrist says

Murder trial for 2012 Parti Québécois rally shooting
hears accused may have bipolar disorder

Richard Bain has told the jury he has no memory of the night of the shooting, and no recollection of shouting "The English are waking up" as he was led away in handcuffs.
Richard Bain has told the jury he has no memory of the night of the shooting, and no recollection of shouting "The English are waking up" as he was led away in handcuffs. (Radio-Canada)

Jaela Bernstien CBC Journalist

Quebec, Canada - On the night of the shooting, Richard Bain understood that killing was wrong, but that didn't stop him because he believed he was carrying out a mission for God, a psychiatrist for the defence told the court. 

"Even if he knew that killing is wrong. For him, this notion did not apply, because God was asking him to do something," said psychiatrist Dr. Marie-Frédérique Allard, who was called to testify by Bain's defence.

Allard believes that "it is more likely than not" that Bain was psychotic the night of the deadly shooting and that he thought he had been sent to protect the anglophones and kill the separatists. 

The psychiatrist told the jury it's her opinion that Bain was suffering from a delusion.

Bain is accused of first-degree murder in the Sept. 4, 2012 election-night shooting that left Denis Blanchette dead and another man, Dave Courage, seriously injured.  They were shot outside Montreal's Metropolis nightclub around midnight, while the Parti Québécois celebrated its election victory inside.

The defence is arguing that Bain is not criminally responsible for the shooting because of a mental disorder.

The prosecution contends the shooting was premeditated and motivated by the fact that Bain could not vote that day. 

Allard said both of the times that she saw Bain not long after his arrest in 2012, he was clearly in a psychotic state.

During one session on Nov. 9, 2012, Bain was afraid of being recorded, so he refused to answer Allard's questions out loud, and instead wrote down his responses.

Richard Bain is accused of shooting and killing Denis Blanchette, a lighting technician who was working at Montreal's Metropolis concert hall. (Facebook)

Allard read from her report in court, repeating what Bain told her: "The plan was to kill as many separatists as I could."

The Parti Quebecois was formed for the specific purpose of separating Quebec from Canada. So far, they have not been very successful.

"If inside, if Madame [Pauline] Marois could be seen, I could've killed her," Bain told Allard during their meeting.

Pauline Marois was the leader of the Parti Quebecois at the time.

Allard told the jury Bain said his mission was cut short because, "Jesus Christ stopped it."

After his arrest,  when Bain was in the backseat of a police cruiser, Brassard said he heard him say: "Your security was not good. My gun jammed. Grace of god, the gun jammed."

Based on testimony from colleagues, friends and family, Allard said it's evident that Bain always a law-abiding person in the past, with no violent history. 

She told the jury Bain told her that he took medication hours before the shooting to give him the "guts" to carry out his mission.

Allard said she also believes it's likely that Bain suffers from bipolar disorder.

Possible overdose of medication

Earlier in the trial, Bain told the court he took a handful of anti-depressants around 7 p.m., roughly five hours before the shooting.

Wow, a handful of antidepressants; I can't imagine what that would do to you. I wonder how many he took earlier in the day or the day before?

Dr. Marie-Frédérique Allard
Psychiatrist Dr. Marie-Frédérique Allard (far right) was called to testify on Monday by defence lawyer Alan Guttman (far left). (Radio-Canada)

The following morning, a police interrogation video shows a sleepy Bain in custody telling police he's confused and doesn't understand why he's there.

    Bain's first interview with police

Based on what she observed in that video, Allard said Bain "looks like someone who was intoxicated, or who is coming down from some substance." 

She said she does not believe he was faking the symptoms, and cited a toxicological analysis of Bain's blood the day after the shooting.

The court heard that the report mentions the presence of two antidepressants: Effexor and Trazodone.

While Allard said she believes Bain was showing signs of an overdose, she did not link his actions the night of the shooting to the medication he had taken.

"I don't think the thing he did was the result of intoxication," Allard testified.

In earlier testimony, Bain told the court he believed he took an anti-depressant called Cymbalta the night of the shooting, but he later added that it could have accidentally taken Effexor instead.

Allard is expected to continue her testimony for a third day on Friday.

Who knows exactly what went on in Bain's mind for him to do such a thing? But when I read stories where people say that God told them to do this or that, I usually suspect demonic influence. Demons can put thoughts into our heads as if they were coming from God. People with drug problems and or severe mental health problems are very susceptible to that. 

It might well have been the work of Jesus Christ, or more likely an angel, to jam his gun and prevent more deaths. It's the kind of thing He has done many, many times. 

I don't know what you think of demonic possession or demonic influence, but Jesus dealt with a lot of demons in His brief 3 year ministerial walk on earth. If they existed then, they surely exist now, otherwise, where have they gone?

I had an interesting vision once where I could see a map of Europe and western Asia. This was not too long after the collapse of communism. I could see something moving on the map; it was as though the map was covered in little black ants or bugs and they were all fleeing southward from the old USSR countries. I knew the bugs represented demons and God was showing me that they were deserting the old communist countries and moving into the Middle East, the 'stans, and North Africa, all Islamic countries. Interesting huh?