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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Religion of Peace Kill 14 Christians and Wounds 70 in Pakistan Church Attacks

Two bomb blasts have killed at least 14 people near two churches in a Christian neighbourhood of the Pakistani city of Lahore

More than 70 people were hurt in the explosions, which targeted worshippers attending Sunday mass at the churches in the Youhanabad area.

Violent protests erupted after the blasts, with a mob killing two men accused of involvement in the attacks.

Pakistan's Christian community has often been targeted by militants.

An offshoot of the Pakistan Taliban, calling itself Jamatul Ahrar, has said it carried out the attack.

Witnesses say suicide bombers were responsible for the explosions but police have not confirmed this.

The bombers are said to have detonated their explosives near the gates of St John's Catholic Church and Christ Church.
A woman mourns a family member killed in a suicide bombing
The bombers targeted Christians as they were attending Sunday morning mass
Exterior of church targeted in Lahore
The gates of one of the churches was destroyed in the explosion
Pakistani women mourn the death of a relative in the church attack
Relatives of the dead consoled each other
Christians protest in Faisalabad
As news of the attack spread, Christians in other parts of Pakistan took to the streets in protest

A large crowd gathered at the scene of the blasts, protesting about the lack of security.

The crowd also attacked two men it accused of involvement in the explosions, killing both of them. Photographs from the scene showed a crowd setting the men's bodies alight.

Protesters carrying sticks blocked Lahore's Ferozepur Road. Local television pictures showed a bus station being attacked.

'Scuffle at church gate'

Amir Masih, a witness quoted by Reuters news agency, said he had heard an explosion near one of the churches.

"I rushed towards the spot and saw the security guard scuffle with a man who was trying to enter the church," he said.

The man blew himself up after failing to enter the church, Mr Masih told Reuters.
Guard outside Lahore church, 2013
Security has been tightened after past attacks on Pakistan's churches
Pakistani Christians praying at Easter
Pakistan's large Christian minority suffers discrimination as well as militant attacks

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President Mamnoon Hussain have condemned the latest bombings.

Tahir Naveed Chaudhary, the chairman of the Pakistan Minorities Alliance, a rights group, said the Lahore attacks highlighted the government's failure to protect minorities.

Pakistan's military last year began an offensive against militant bases in the mountainous north-west, bordering Afghanistan. Offshoots of the Pakistani Taliban have warned of attacks in response.

So, rather than responding by attacking the military, these cowards respond by attacking innocent civilians and churches. Such attacks reveal the 'evil' nature of militant Islam.

However, Lahore, the capital of the densely populated Punjab province, has largely escaped militant violence and is seen as a relatively peaceful city.

At least 80 people were killed by bombers at a church in the Pakistani city of Peshawar in 2013, in what is thought to be the deadliest ever attack on the country's Christians.

Christians make up less than 2% of Pakistan's overwhelmingly Muslim population. And yet, like Israel, a tiny island in a vast ocean of Arabs and Muslims, it is the center of attention, anger and hatred. 

Just yesterday I wrote, "The increasing anti-Christian attitude is not isolated to India; it is happening in many countries, even so-called Christian countries. It is happening in parallel with increasing global antisemitism. It is a sign of the times!"

Christian persecution will get much worse before it gets better. I don't believe that we western Christians are even the least prepared for what is coming. We are too busy with our me-centered gospel and our obscene fascination with politics and entertainment to ever be ready for what is coming. God help us.
Map showing Lahore