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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Netanyahu Wins Elections, Says He Will Not Allow Palestinian State

Israel election: US concern over 'divisive' rhetoric

From BBC Middle East

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Bibi does it again!
The White House says it is deeply concerned at what it called the "divisive rhetoric" in the Israeli election, which ended in a surprise win for Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party.

During campaigning, Mr Netanyahu said he would not allow the creation of a Palestinian state if re-elected.

The US, UN and EU have all urged him to continue with the two-state solution. All three of which are left of center organizations with no great love for Israel.

Mr Netanyahu aims to build a new coalition government within two to three weeks, his party says.

This weeks elections were a major surprise in that pre-election polls and exit polls had Netanyahu's Likud party in a virtual dead-heat with the Herzog-Livny Zionist Union at 27 seats each. Israeli's went to bed that night thinking the government was going to be a real mess for weeks to come, but woke up to the news that Likud had won 30 seats, Zionist Union only 24. Herzog conceded defeat.

This was quite an accomplishment for Netanyahu who was under attack from all sides in an 'anyone but Bibi' campaign. There are suspicions that there may also have been interference in the elections from foreign powers who do not like Netanyahu. One can only guess who they might be. Pffft!

It's interesting that the third biggest party to emerge from the election was the Joint Arab List, a coalition of Arab parties, with an impressive 14 seats. And yet, you will still hear lots of Palestinian supporters complaining about the lack of Palestinian rights in Israel. They, in fact, have far more rights and benefits in Israel than they do in any Arab countries where many Palestinians live.