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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Evangelist Franklin Graham: Obama’s Mom “Must Have Been a Muslim”

Controversy and criticism, in spades

From Right Wing Watch:

Franklin Graham was a guest on the Family Research Council's "Washington Watch" radio program yesterday where he asserted that President Obama is "refusing to fight ISIS" because he wants to protect Islam since even his mother was a Muslim.

The phrase, 'refusing to fight ISIS' appears to have been coined by Right Wing Watch, not Graham.

Ignoring the fact that Obama's father was an atheist and his mother agnostic, (and how do we know this?) Graham told FRC head Tony Perkins that "one of the problems we have [is that Obama's] father was a Muslim, and his step-father was a Muslim. [He] lived in Indonesia and went to Muslim schools. His mother must have been a Muslim — we don't know that, but she married two Muslim men, so there must have been something there. And the framework that the president has growing up, his influences in his life was that of Islam."

"My influences growing up, as many in this country, were under the Christian influence and the biblical influence," he continued. "But our president did not have that, it was Islam and many feel that he's protecting Islam. I don't know that, but it certainly seems that way"

President Obama
It's almost irrelevant whether his parents were Muslim or not. President Obama's beliefs and attitudes are what is critical. In his last statement above, Graham accurately states that 'many feel Obama is protecting Islam', and that 'it certainly seems that way'.

As I have stated before, if he was a closet Muslim, his actions and language would not likely be any different than they have been. His apparent unwillingness to recognize any connection between ISIS, or Boko Haram, and Islam; his unwillingness to use terms like militant, radical, or terrorist in the same sentence as Islam or Muslim is clearly protecting Islam.

He seems incapable of blaming Islam for any recent atrocity, while he goes back a thousand years to condemn Christians for the Crusades. He doesn't condemn Islam for their part in the crusades, only the Christians who were responding to real and present danger from the advancing hordes.

Then there are the advisers that he has on staff who are Muslims, some from the Muslim Brotherhood who were complicit in arming Gaza for their fight against Israel, our ally. The Brotherhood was so evil that Egypt staged a coup to remove them from power, otherwise, they would still be arming Gaza. 

0.6% of the population of the US is Muslim. I wonder if Obama's Muslim staff is well in excess of 0.6%? I would bet a small fortune that it is.

Franklin Graham
The son of the iconic Billy Graham has come under some considerable heat for his outspoken views. Many unfairly compare him to his father, who, like Christ, was completely a-political. But in criticizing Graham for being political, people are guilty of the very thing that they criticize. It's more than a little hypocritical to criticize someone for doing something that you yourself are guilty of.

As for me, I try very hard not to be a hypocrite, but confess, I am not always successful. For instance, I am here criticizing Christians for being political for criticizing Graham for being political, and in so doing, I myself am guilty of being political. Nevertheless, in my quest for the truth in all circumstances and in my desire to hold up a mirror before Christians to help them to see themselves as they really are, it seems to be necessary. Although, I admit, it's sometimes a bit uncomfortable when I turn the mirror around.

Nevertheless, I rue the day when the 'Moral Majority' was born and the politicizing of Christians began. The extremely unfortunate distraction of Christians from Christ has done more damage to the church than anything Obama or any Democratic President or Congress has done. 

Christ was a-political! So were his disciples. The apostles who wrote the majority of the New Testament never counselled anyone to be politically active, only to pray for those in authority over them - that should be the limit of most Christian's political involvement. 

The Apostles wrote some of  their Gospels and letters during the reigns of the monstrous Caesars Caligula and Nero. Yet not a word of criticism was ever labelled against them, only a request for prayer for them and faith and courage for those whom they persecuted. There was no call to arms. No-one counselled anyone to carry a weapon for self-protection - their faith was in God, not guns.

American Christians have come a very long way from being Biblical Christians!