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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Elderly Indian Nun Gang-raped in Convent School Attack

Is there anything beneath the dignity of Indian men? J.H. van Linschoten, in the 16th century, called them "the most lecherous of all people". Apparently, nothing has changed in more than 400 years.

From BBC India
Indian Christians hold placards protesting against recent attacks on churches
 in the Indian capital as they assemble outside the Sacred Heart Church
in New Delhi, India, Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015
Police in eastern India are searching for a group of six men who gang-raped an elderly nun in West Bengal.

The men ransacked the convent school in Ranaghat early on Saturday morning and stole money before entering the convent itself.

The 74-year-old nun is now recovering in hospital.

Christian groups have recently held protests in the Indian capital, Delhi, saying they are being targeted and demanding better protection.

The Archbishop of Calcutta, Thomas d'Souza, told the BBC that security cameras inside the Convent of Jesus and Mary School show the faces of the six men who carried out the assault.

They first ransacked the school principal's office and classrooms before entering the convent itself.

"There are only three Sisters in the community," he said. "One sister was molested badly. The other two, and a guard, were tied to chairs."

A burnt crucifix stands at the altar of St. Sebastian"s Church after a fire
destroyed the church on Monday, in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014
Several churches in Delhi have been attacked in recent months.

The men also stole money from the school, he said, vandalised the chapel, broke open the tabernacle and took away the ciborium, the sacred vessel used during Mass.

The school is well-known and has been open for 19 years, he added.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, has condemned the incident.

The attack comes at a time of growing concern about sexual violence against women and there has been increased media reporting of rapes and assaults.

The background to this attack is not yet clear. But Christian groups elsewhere in India have expressed concern that they are increasingly being targeted.

Some highlight a series of recent attacks by vandals on churches in Delhi and call on the authorities to do more to protect them.

The increasing anti-Christian attitude is not isolated to India; it is happening in many countries, even so-called Christian countries. It is happening in parallel with increasing global anti-Semitism. It is a sign of the times! 

Ranaghat, West Bengal, India