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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Islamization of the UK - Is It Real?

Source: Pamela Geller

Muslim slavery of blacks accounts for 20% of the population of Mauritania. According to a pew poll, 75% of Muslims worldwide want sharia for the family issues including divorce and property disputes.
75% also want amputation and death for apostates in places like South Asia.
94% of Muslims in Afghanistan want sharia, 
70% of Egyptians and 76% of “Palestinians” want stoning and hand chopping, etc. 
40% of Muslims in the UK want sharia and 
25% of Muslims in the USA think suicide bombing is okay. So how far away from all that is the Islamic State?
80% of London Muslims Support ISIS,” by  Daniel Greenfield, October 31, 2014

I don't have a link to support that statement attributed to Daniel Greenfield, and I suspect the 80% to be highly exaggerated.

This is what the Islamization of a Western country looks like. Good luck with your integration and your moderate Islam. All the empty words in the world can’t change the fact that what’s happening in Iraq and Syria will be coming to the UKsooner than you think.

One in seven young British adults has “warm feelings” towards Islamic State, according to a poll.
A tenth of Londoners and one in 12 Scots view Islamic State (Isis) favourably, but sympathy for the militant group reaches its highest levels among the under-25s, the Populus survey found.

Although an overwhelming majority of the public —
88 per centgave Isis a low score,
5.2 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds gave it a nine or a ten. Overall,
14 per cent of under-25s and 
12 per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds gave Islamic State a score of between six and ten, implying a degree of sympathy.

There are about 1 million Muslim settlers in London where they make up 12 percent of the population. These figures suggest that the vast majority of them, perhaps as high as 80 percent , support ISIS.

Again, I can't support that number. I admire Pamela Geller for her courage and determination, however, I have since stopped using her as a source because I have lost confidence in her objectivity and find her to be overly inflammatory.

There’s a lot of nonsense about skepticism among young people, but this isn’t about young people. It’s about Muslims.

The report, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on May 16, shows that although Christianity is still the main religion in Britain—over 50% of the population describe themselves as such—nearly half of all Christians in Britain are over the age of 50, and, for the first time ever, fewer than half under the age of 25 describe themselves as Christian.

By contrast, the number of people under 25 who describe themselves as Muslim has doubled over the past ten years: one in ten under the age of 25 are Muslim, up from one in 20 in 2001.

These numbers suggest that most or virtually all young Muslim settlers in the UK support ISIS.

See what I mean? As if 80% wasn't enough, she wants us to believe that the real number is closer to 90% or even 100%.

That’s not surprising. Major papers such as the New York Times have found similar results in even supposedly moderate countries such as Tunisia among young Muslim natives. It’s not surprising that young Muslim settlers in Europe hold similar views.