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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Playing Russian Roulette with Your Sanity

Millions of people, especially teenagers and pre-teens (tweens) are playing Russian Roulette with their sanity and it is very dangerous.

Russian Roulette, for some of you  young people who may not know, is a 'game' played with a gun, with potentially deadly consequences. How it works is like this: you take an old fashioned revolver, one with a cylinder that spins and holds 6 bullets, like they used in old western movies where the hero is the only one who can count to 6 so he knows when the bad guy is out of bullets before the bad guy does.

Next, you empty the cylinder of all the bullets, then put one bullet back into the cylinder and spin the cylinder. Without looking at the gun, you lift it to the side of your head and pull the trigger. If you are lucky the active chamber will be empty; if the rest of the world is lucky, you'll be dead, thereby qualifying for a Darwin award. Darwin awards are given to those who improve the gene pool of the planet by eliminating one idiot - them.

Teens and even some tweens are 'playing the game' and don't even know it. They think the chambers are all empty so they can put the gun to their heads and shoot without fear. But the guns are not empty, and young people are putting their sanity at great risk.

How? By smoking pot! Kids under 16 have a 1 in 6 chance of developing full-blown, irreversible Schizophrenia, or Paranoia, or both, from smoking pot. 1 in 6 - just like Russian Roulette. The odds improve somewhat as you get older but never approach zero. 

Numerous studies by some of the top psychologists in the world have confirmed this, and yet Countries and States all over the world are either decriminalizing marijuana, legalizing it, or are thinking about it. Once it is legalized or decriminalized, kids will be convinced that it must not be harmful, that the gun is empty.

You might assume that about even harder drugs if you  live in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the city council just issued a booklet to at least one school with 13 year old kids, explaining how to use street-drugs safely; drugs like cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine. I think they were probably on something when they approved the booklet - there is no such thing as taking street-drugs safely.

More and more research is finding more and more problems with cannabis. It is now associated with lower IQs, poorer memories, and lesser degrees of accomplishment. Aside from a 1 in 6 risk of insanity, there is a 1 in 6 probability that kids will become addicted to pot. Modern pot is several times more powerful than the older stuff.

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Colorado pot shop
There is so much more information in the links above, please check them out. There is one more effect that science is just beginning to discover about marijuana. It's something I have observed for almost 40 years. It is that regular pot smokers stop maturing! They literally get stuck in the year that they start regular use of the drug.

A neighbour I knew in 1978 was stuck in 1965. He and his wife loved kids but had none - didn't want the responsibility; the drove a 1965 Mustang, they listened to 1964-65 Beatles music on Walkmans all weekend, they dressed like hippies all weekend, and they smoked pot all weekend.

That is one of many examples; the most extreme example, I believe, is Michael Jackson, whom, I have heard began smoking pot with his brothers at about 8 or 9. Most of Jackson's friends described him as a boy in a man's body. I  have no doubt that he was mentally, emotionally and socially, an 8 or 9 year old boy all his life; and I have little doubt that pot was entirely to blame.

You can function in this world while being stuck in an undeveloped state of maturity, but it will eventually catch up to you and make your life miserable. It will also prevent you from ever finding and accomplishing the very reason for your existence.

Please, if you are a parent, tell your kids that there are real bullets in that gun, and there is no coming back from it.