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Sunday, November 2, 2014

'Peaceful' Muslims in Calgary Mark Holy Day with Anti-Terror March

For those who criticize Islam for not condemning violence by Islamic extremists, which includes me, here is one march for moderate Islam. And in a cold rain in Calgary, Canada.

Most Muslims are peaceful, however, that will not always be the case as the most violent Muslims invariably rise to the top and get their way. This week, IS killed 322 people from one small tribe of Sunnis in Iraq. IS is Sunni! But, apparently, the Al-Bu Nimr tribe was too moderate, so they are being slaughtered. The day is not so far off when all of Islam will be extremists.
Hundreds of Calgary Muslims gathered on Saturday ahead of the holy day of
Ashura to condemn recent violence by young Canadian men who police
say held radical Islamist beliefs (CBC)
An annual gathering of Calgary Muslims took on a different tone this year, as hundreds came out to protest terrorism ahead of the holy day Ashura.

Muslims around the world will mark Ashura on Monday to commemorate the death of their prophet's grandson, Hussain, who was killed for protesting tyranny in 680 AD. It's recognized as a national holiday in many Muslim countries and this weekend in Calgary, community members came together to use the event to condemn the recent killings of two Canadian Forces members.

"We are here to build this country together, to make peace and love together," said Fatima Albarri, who took part in the march. "We are originally from the Middle East but we are Canadian."

Earlier this week, funerals were held for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent.

RCMP investigators said their deaths were acts of terrorism by young Canadian men who held radical Islamist beliefs.

Once again, the violence has put Islam under the microscope and those attending the march in Calgary said it's important they clarify what their religion is about.

"Islam is a religion of peace," said Riyaz Khawaja, the leader of Calgary's Muslim community and head of the Hussaini Association of Calgary. "We are here to gather, to stand against terrorism."

Participants say commemorating Hussain's fight against tyranny gave them a perfect opportunity to remind Calgary just what Islam stands for.

"Islam is a religion of peace."  If that were really true, they wouldn't have to keep repeating it every day. The very anniversary they marked yesterday where Hussain was killed protesting tyranny, is the proof that Islam is not a religion of peace, and never was.

There can be no peace without the Prince of Peace. The good news is, He will return soon. The bad news is, things will get much, much worse before He does. Even so, come Lord Jesus.