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Friday, August 16, 2013

Get Ready for the End of the World - Ayatollah Ali Hamenei

That was the message presented by Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Hamenei to his people. Hamenei warned the Iranian people of the coming of the Mahdi, the Hidden Imam, the last and awaited prophet who will appear for the Doomsday to save the world and impose Islamic world order.

He said that, if the Iranian people believed themselves to be the soldiers of the Twelfth Imam, they should get ready to be led by Allah to the war to help the Islamic civilization triumph over the world.

“It is our destiny,” the Iranian spiritual leader concluded.

Local media report that Tehran has been circulating a brochure titled “The Last Six Months,” urging officers to brace themselves ahead of the Mahdi‘s arrival and the last standoff with the West.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards cautioned Israel and the US they had no information as the kind of warheads Iranian missiles may carry.

The threat from the Revolutionary Guard to Israel and the US was made to deter or delay the inevitable attack on Iran's nuclear weapons program. See the following posts for background: 
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Christians believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will return to earth after seven years of the Great Tribulation, and restore peace and order. During that 7 year period, the AntiChrist will take control of the world and slaughter millions of Christians. I believe the 12th Imam, or the Mahdi, is the AntiChrist.

The recent statement by Hamenei, at the very least, confirms Islam's desire for world dominance, either by war or by emigration and population growth. Hamenei, in his old age, seems to be getting too impatient to wait for the second option.