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Monday, August 12, 2013

Butch, the Undercover Police Dog

This is our dog, Butch! She's a long-haired Chihuahua in training to be a police dog. Right now I'm working on under-cover techniques. I think it's working. A few minutes ago while we were out walking, a guy yelled out his truck window, "I like your cat!"

We often walk by the courthouse and sometimes encounter policemen. When I ask them if they need any more police dogs they just laugh. Can't understand why they don't take me seriously. If they knew how 'killer' her breath is they would hire her on the spot.

Actually her real name is Bell. It was Tinkerbell but that doesn't work so well for a police dog. It sometimes morphs into Stinkerbell, or Tinklebell, but whatever you call her, she's a real ringer.


One day, as I got ready to take Bell out for the third time that day, I said, "Come on you useless ball of fur". Somehow, my wife began to think that I didn't like the useless ball of fur. In fact, I did like her, mostly, we had some moments; but she had caused our delightful tri-pedal hairball to go into a depression and start to get snarly. Also, looking after her seemed to give new life to my care-giver burnout; it was a lot like looking after a kid.

So, one day the cable guy comes to install a new cable system in our apartment. He said his daughters would love Bell, they would dress her up and carry her around, which she loves - anything for attention. He explained that they had a big dog which was attached to his son but pretty much ignored the little girls.

He tried getting a cat for the girls, but not long after, saw the dog carrying the cat in his mouth across the backyard to the open gate where he dropped her. I'm sure he was trying to convey a message the poor feline.

Anyway, he came back at the end of his work day and picked up Tinkerbell and we haven't seen her since. Pat kept asking the guy if he shouldn't call his wife, but he insisted it was better not to, beside she had a bad cold. Nevertheless, when we called to check on her a few weeks later, she was fine and loving the attention from the girls. It was the end of her undercover police work.

Tripod - Bailey, recovered her playful personality a month or two after Bell left when she was finally sure that Ball wasn't coming back.