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Monday, May 14, 2018

Propaganda, Lies, Human Rights Atrocities, Israel, Gaza - Who's Responsible?

‘Gruesome propaganda attempt’: White House blames Hamas for Gaza deaths

Mourners carry the body of a Palestinian killed during a protest at the Israel-Gaza border, May 14, 2018. © Ibraheem Abu Mustafa / Reuters

The White House has accused Hamas of “gruesome propaganda” after Israeli forces killed over 50 Palestinians on the border between Gaza and Israel, as the US celebrated the transfer of its embassy to Jerusalem.

This is a “gruesome and unfortunate propaganda attempt” on part of Hamas, deputy White House press secretary Raj Shah told reporters on Monday, adding that Israel has the “right to defend itself.”

“We believe that Hamas as an organization is engaged in cynical action leading to these deaths,” Shah added.

Hamas, or the Islamic Resistance Movement, is the democratically elected government of the Gaza strip. Israel considers it a terrorist organization. 

Almost every country in the world considers it a terrorist organization; every country except those firmly antiSemitic countries. Hamas has consistently sacrificed innocent civilians and even children in their insane hatred for Jews. They do this to garner international sympathy which they frequently get, again, from antiSemitic countries and people. People who are not interested in truth or history.

Palestinians have gathered along the fence separating Gaza from Israel for the past six weeks, as part of the Great March of Return protests. Monday was the deadliest day yet, with 52 people killed and more than 2,700 injured, according to the latest figures from the Palestinian Health Ministry. Among the wounded are 78 women and 203 children, the ministry said.

Amazing, no dead women or children! This report comes from RT which has issued almost hysterical reports that account for every 2nd or 3rd headline on its newsfeed. Of course, every one of them blame Israel and, if they are all like this one, don't even mention that the Palestinians are rushing the borders. If allowed to reach or cross the borders, thousands would enter, all with the goal of killing Jews, men, women, and children until there is not one left in the Middle East.

You would think that anti-Semites believe the IDF should stand down and allow the Palestinians to access Israel and murder them and their families. That, in their minds, would be the right thing to do. AntiSemitism is almost as insane as Islamic fundamentalism. 

The Palestinian authority denounced the deaths as a “terrible massacre” perpetrated “by the forces of the Israeli occupation,” and called for an immediate international intervention to prevent further deaths.

AntiSemites, anti-Jews, believe the propaganda coming out of Hamas even though it is entirely false and much of it contrived by Hamas at the expense of ordinary Gazans. Jew-haters do not understand history in the least. They believe the Holy Land was taken from Palestinians after many generations on the land. This is pure BS.

 A hundred years ago the land was virtually empty but for a few Jews. Thousands of photos by several different photographers with no ethnic bias in the 19th century reveal hardly a single Palestinian and a sparse population of Jews. Palestine was a virtual wasteland. 

In the 20th century, many Islamic countries, especially right across North Africa, expelled every Jew. If there were outcries of humanitarian crimes, they didn't make it very far and certainly had no effect. Where were those Jews to go? That particular diaspora sent Jews to many countries and some of them returned the the land of their ancestors. 

The expulsion started early in the century with significant numbers of Jews entering Palestine from Syria and Yemen. It hit high gear between 1948 and 1970 when as many as 850,000 Jews were expelled. More than 90% of Jews in Iraq, Yemen, and Libya were expelled between 1948 and the early 1950s, having to abandon their properties and most of their possessions.

Isn't it interesting that Iraq, Yemen, Lybia, and Syria are countries devastated by civil and proxy wars. I wonder if they would be in such a sorry state had they not expelled the Jews. One could argue that God protected those countries as long as they protected the Jews among them.

In total, about 900,000 Jews were expelled from Muslim countries; 600,000 of them made aliyah while 300,000 emigrated to France and the USA. In 2009, only 26,000 Jews remained in Arab countries and Iran, and 26,000 in Turkey. 

Palestinians did exist in Palestine in the 19th century. One estimate has, (which I greatly question), in 1882, the population numbered approximately 320,000 people, 25,000 of whom were Jewish. Interestingly, those Jews were often called, 'sons of the country'. 

The first Palestinian newspaper emerged in 1911, started by Palestinian Christians. The first Palestinian nationalist organisations appeared at the end of the World War 1. 

The British Mandate failed to recognize Palestinians as a 'people group' and afforded them no power or authority. This just inflamed Palestinians and the subsequent loss of power over their own lives resulted in the uprising of 1936. It lasted 6 months, and many Jews were murdered, homes, farms, orchards and entire communities were destroyed.

The attacks on the Jewish population by Arabs had three lasting effects: First, they led to the formation and development of Jewish underground militias, primarily the Haganah ("The Defense"), which were to prove decisive in 1948. Secondly, it became clear that the two communities could not be reconciled, and the idea of partition was born. Thirdly, the British responded to Arab opposition with the White Paper of 1939, which severely restricted Jewish land purchase and immigration. However, with the advent of World War II, even this reduced immigration quota was not reached. The White Paper policy also radicalized segments of the Jewish population, who after the war would no longer cooperate with the British.

The revolt had a negative effect on Palestinian national leadership, social cohesion and military capabilities and contributed to the outcome of the 1948 War because "when the Palestinians faced their most fateful challenge in 1947–49, they were still suffering from the British repression of 1936–39, and were in effect without a unified leadership. Indeed, it might be argued that they were virtually without any leadership at all".

Which just shows you that they really weren't a people group, or at least, not much of one. 

The 1948 Palestinian exodus refers to the refugee flight of Palestinian Arabs during and after the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. It is referred to by most Palestinians and Arabs as the Nakba (Arabic: النكبة‎), meaning "disaster", "catastrophe", or "cataclysm".

The war was, of course, started by the Arabs. It was completely unnecessary and began on the day Israel began. The catastrophe for Palestinians was that they somehow managed to lose the war in spite of outnumbering the Jews by ridiculous numbers. The catastrophe is reinforced after every war as Arab countries attempted several times to annihilate Israel only to fail miserably. God is not on their side and they are too stupid to know it.

BTW, most Palestinians in Gaza, someone told me, were Christians until the last 25 years or so when Hamas purged the strip of almost all Christians. Also, most Palestinians have their roots in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and we are talking only a few generations back. Palestinians have virtually no history as a people.

The United Nations (UN) final estimate of the number of Palestinian refugees outside Israel after the 1948 War was placed at 711,000 in 1951.

711,000 is a lot fewer than 900,000 Jews who were expelled from Arab and North African Muslim countries. Mind you, 160,000 Palestinians remained inside Israel and have flourished to the point that there are more than 4 million of them now. 

This is a problem for Israel which is a democratic country. Many Muslims are in the Knesset and occupy important posts in the government of Israel. Israel keeps inviting more Jews to make aliyah so to keep the Palestinian population from overwhelming the Jewish population whereupon they could become the government. 

That would be a disaster and probably the end of the Jewish state, so that cannot be allowed to happen. The 2-state solution might still be the only solution, if only the Arabs weren't hell-bent on destroying every living Jew.

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, a US delegation led by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin officially opened the new US embassy. President Donald Trump had ordered the move in December, citing the 1995 law passed by the US Congress but suspended by every president since. Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner were also part of the US delegation, and the president addressed the gathering in a video message.

“The actions today, both the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem and these tragedies in southern Israel, I don’t think they will impact the peace plan,” Shah told reporters.

Palestinians were outraged by Trump’s decision to move the embassy and his statement that this takes Jerusalem “off the table” in any peace talks with Israel. Palestinians have claimed East Jerusalem as their capital. Israel has annexed the entire city as its own capital, but the UN has refused to recognize that action as legitimate.

Tuesday is the 70th anniversary of Israel’s declaration of independence. Palestinians call the day Nakba, or “catastrophe.” The 1949 armistice left Israel in control of most of the former Palestine Mandate, carved out of the Ottoman Empire by Britain at the end of First World War. Palestinians were left with nothing, as Gaza had been annexed by Egypt and the West Bank territories by Jordan.

Israel had declared West Jerusalem as its capital, and Jordan had annexed the eastern parts, including the Old City and the sacred sites of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Israel took over Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem in June 1967, after a six-day campaign against Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The Sinai peninsula, also occupied during the war, was ceded back to Egypt in 1982 in exchange for a peace treaty.

Taking over Gaza, The West Bank and East Jerusalem could have been avoided if Syria, Jordan, and Egypt had just stopped trying to destroy Israel. Palestinians are still trying to do that with their relentless marches on the Gaza-Israel border. Their hatred has them completely blind to reality and Hamas is ready to sacrifice hundreds, if not thousands of men, women and children in their insane, blind rage. And equally blind anti-Semites blame Israel.