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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Maajid Nawaz on Tommy Robinson - Brilliant

The remarkably quick arrest of Tommy Robinson for apparently breaching a court order for media silence, by reporting from outside of a trial of Pakistanis for raping and sexually trafficking little, white, British girls, shocked the UK and people around the world. At least I think that's what the trial was about; there was a publication ban.

British police are not known for speed in resolving cases. The Madeleine McCann case has been going on for 11 years. Child sex abuse cases involving mostly Muslim men on an industrial scale, have been ignored for decades and are only recently starting to be dealt with. Robinson was arrested, charged and sentenced within five hours.

The judge who was involved in all aspects of this case claimed that Robinson's reporting could de-rail a very long and expensive trial. He didn't explain how that might happen. He also ordered temporary media silence on the arrest and imprisonment of Robinson.

Maajid Nawaz, one of the most honest and intelligent media personalities in Britain, a Muslim, I think, nails the truth again in this brilliant rant.

The reluctance to speak the truth about Muslim men's prolific involvement in sexually abusing young, British girls is still going on years after the realization that 1500 girls in Rotherham were trafficked, raped and gang-raped because police and council were afraid of being called racist. 

No-one is addressing that issue with the exception of Nawaz. Certainly, no-one in the police or government are willing to even consider addressing the issue. Consequently, little, white, British girls are still in danger of sexual exploitation by Muslim men.

Political correctness is cultural suicide and is destroying another generation of girls.