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Saturday, May 5, 2018

No Place in Canadian Politics for a Bible-Believing Christian

War on Christianity - Canadian Politics

This spring's Ontario Conservative Party leadership campaign included a real conservative breath-of-fresh-air named Tanya Granic Allen. Probably the most intelligent of all the leadership hopefuls, she was too conservative to ever win. But now, the eventual winner of that campaign, Doug Ford, brother of the infamous Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto from 2010-2014, has signaled that Granic Allen will not be permitted to run for MLA in Ontario. Her views are too conservative for the Conservative Party.

Specifically, some years ago she compared Islamic veils to masks, and she made a comment which was slammed by oversensitive people as homophobic - the most overused word of more than one syllable in the English language. Islamophobic may be the 2nd most overused word of more than one syllable, and she has been called that as well.

Her Islamophobic accusations stem from comments made some years ago including:

"I don't believe people should dress like ninjas when going for an afternoon stroll. I don't believe that people should dress like bank robbers when going to vote," she said. "My daughter loves wearing a spider-man mask, but I forbid her from wearing it out in public."

In another case, she linked to a news story about an attack on two teenage girls in Zanzibar, calling it "yet another reason not to vacation in a Muslim country."

Her homophobic title originates from comments like this:

She also denied that a tweet in which she wished the Queen would not allow gay marriage meant she opposed the practice. "Somebody wrote that gay marriage would force the Queen to break her oath and I simply said, 'Well the Queen should keep her oath,' because we should not lie," she said.

Another tweet where Granic Allen expressed shock that Malta had passed a law allowing gay marriage and adoption "wasn't anything pro or con," she said, simply an observation on how quickly the country had acted on the issue.

Granic Allen would not, however, clarify whether she supports gay marriage, saying it is a federal issue. "It has nothing to do with this election and I don't need to comment on that," she said.

So, anyone who doesn't support gay marriage is qualified a homophobe by the horrified media. Consequently, any admission as such is political suicide. The Canadian media leans so far to the left that they think anyone who leans a little to the right is completely up-side-down. Their perspective is that skewed. 

Doug Ford, leader Ontario Conservative Party

It was well into my lifetime that the idea of gay marriage would have been horrifying to anyone in the media. In fact, throughout the entire history of mankind the idea would have horrified normal people. Yet today, in barely one generation, the Canadian media is completely unanimous and condemning anyone who disagrees with gay marriage.

Politicians, even Conservative politicians are so frightened of media criticism that they bite their tongues and forbid others to say anything that sounds remotely socially conservative. Or, to be more specific - anything that sounds remotely Christian.

Canada's Main Stream Media (MSM) is not just far-left ideologically, they are, like most far-left ideologues - antiChristian. They are not intentionally antiChristian; they just oppose anything that Christians might believe that might suggest that God will hold us accountable for the evil that we do. And one of the most evil things that we do is to ignore what God said.

In ignoring the Bible, or even in just believing parts of it that fit your morality, you are rejecting Who God is and Who His Son is and the astonishing thing He accomplished by dying on the cross. This is easy for them to do because they don't actually believe God is real or that Jesus Christ is real and the Son of God. They don't reject God or His Son based on research, indeed, 99% of them have never spent 5 minutes researching whether or not God is real. This will cost them dearly when they stand before Him.

There is only one reason why we are on this earth and that is to prepare for Eternity, and we do that by getting to know God both intellectually and experientially.

The media's drift to the far-left has made the likes of Justin Trudeau possible, and the media darling is never questioned about his extreme ideology, and rarely questioned about anything that matters. His requirement for Christians to agree with the principal of abortion in order to obtain funds for co-op positions this summer is a direct attack on Christians that has barely been mentioned by media outlets. And when it is mentioned, it is never in a way that reveals the darkness that hides in the soul of Justin Trudeau.

Canada is lost! There will be no turning back to a moral society. Justin's father Pierre fatally wounded that ideal, and Justin is finishing it off.