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Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Great Climate Change Hoax - Historical Climate Sciencist

Canadian historical climate scientist explains the great 'Climate Change' hoax. Dr. Tim Ball, whom I have met in my office, if I remember correctly, gives the history of the hoax that has swept the world. He explains the role of super environmentalist, Maurice Strong in taking the attitudes of the Club of Rome to the UN and thence to the world. 

Btw, if you live in Ontario, you have Maurice Strong to thank, along with your Premier, for your astonishingly high hydro bills.

Dr. Ball has paid a high price for daring to tell the truth as he has been sued 3 times, mostly in efforts to just shut him up. A current suit is being used by Ball to attempt to get the IPCC's lead scientist to release his computer coding by which he has determined that CO2 causes global warming. The IPCC scientist managed to get his code recognized as 'intellectual property', which makes it impossible for other scientists to test his theory. Such testing is the very basis of scientific theory. 

Dare I mention my theory of 'astro-turfing' yet again? Listen for hints of the IPCC and others creating the 'artificial grass-roots movement' that has driven the world crazy.

It's a pod-cast so there is no visual and it is nearly 55 minutes which would normally keep me from listening to it. But after only a few minutes I was caught-up in the interview and listened to the whole thing. I learned a great deal from it and if you are interested in the great climate change hoax, I encourage you to listen to it as well.

podcast 54:43