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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Teen Sharia Patrol Behind Savage Beatings in Austria

The gang, made of up six young people, is responsible for a brutal beating of a 15-year old Polish girl caught on tape as well as other attacks.

Scenes from the video of a 15-year old girl being beaten by the sharia patrol in Vienna. (Photos: Video screenshots)

A teenage “sharia patrol” responsible for a brutal beating of a Polish girl is believed to be behind a series of attacks in Vienna.

The attack against the Polish school girl, identified only as Patricia, which was taped by the gang, shocked Austria when the footage was posted and it went viral. 

The “sharia patrol” is made of up six young people, some originally from Chechnya, ranging in age from 16 to 21. They have all been identified. In the taped attack, which took place in a shopping center, Patricia faces her accusers defiantly with her hands in her pockets. She takes 22 hits to her face and head. At one point, she can be seen spitting out blood.

After the attack, Patricia was taken to the hospital and treated for a double jaw fracture.

She later told police she was falsely accused of pulling off a woman’s headscarf by the leader of the gang, a 16-year-old girl identified as Leonie. “I knew if I had fought back, I would only have been hit more. So, I just waited until it was over," Patricia said.

She was threatened by the gang not to go to the police, but while she was in the hospital, her sister did.

Leonie is also accused of kicking another girl in the face while she was being held down by two boys the day after the attack on Patricia. Prosecutors say that Leonie is responsible for a number of other attacks in lower Austria as well.

One member of the gang, identified as Ahmet K. or Abuu, later posted as picture of himself in a strongman posed with the caption “Jawbreaker.”  He also posted a comment about the attack, saying, "To all those I offended, insulted or beaten. I do not give a s***. Next year I will do it better."

Abuu was convicted of robbery last September and given six months of probation. If convicted of this crime, he could face prison time.

He should face deportation time.

In March, 2016, a man was hospitalized by another Sharia patrol in Vienna

Father is hospitalised by 'Sharia patrol' in Austria after he told
them to stop threatening his wife and daughter for not being
properly dressed as fears rise of no-go areas in Vienna

By Jennifer Newton for MailOnline

Austrians fear parts of Vienna are becoming no-go areas after a father was attacked by a 'Sharia patrol' when he told them to stop threatening his wife and daughter for not being correctly dressed.

As various factions of migrants stake claims to territory in the city, it has been reported that the self-styled Sharia patrols have been visiting clubs and bars in the Millennium City area to make sure Chechen women were properly dressed and acting appropriately.

However, when one Austrian man tried to step in to stop the patrol from hassling his Chechen wife and daughter, he ended up being hospitalised.

It came as violence escalated across Vienna at the weekend, with more than 50 young men from the Afghan and Chechen communities clashing in the city centre.

The gang had attacked each other with planks of wood, iron bars and knives. Two of those injured are in intensive care and their condition is described as critical.

Police say that the row - which involved around 40 people from Afghanistan attacking 10 from Chechnya - had centred around a social media row on Facebook.