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Monday, August 1, 2016

The Video Every Christian and Muslim Must See

Muslim searches Quran for answers
and what he finds astonishes him

  Less than 6 minutes - could change your life.

Just to lay out some of the points he found in his careful exegesis of the Quran:

Mohammed is mentioned 4 times in Quran - Jesus is mentioned 25 times.

Then only woman talked about in the Quran is Miriam (Mary) the mother of Jesus. 

Mary is honoured with an entire chapter in the Quran.

The Quran says, incorrectly, that she was born without sin, was a virgin and remained so all her life.

Names found in the Quran for Jesus are: Jesus Christ, Word of God, Spirit of God.

Jesus is credited with speaking at two days old and making a bird out of clay and giving it life. (These fanciful stories are found only in the Quran).

Jesus is credited with many healing miracles, even giving life to the dead.

Jesus is alive and living in Heaven, and He will return to earth one day as judge.

Mohammed was not born of a virgin, his mother is not named, he did not speak at two days, did not make a bird out of clay, did no miraculous healings, did not raise the dead, is dead himself, and will not return.

The Quran also says, If you still have questions, go and read the Bible.

So the question is: why do Muslims reverence the dead Mohammed and not Jesus who is alive and obviously far superior?