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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Legal Fight Over TWU’s Law School Grads Continues on East Coast

The latest skirmish in the war on Christianity

Shane Woodford

The legal fight over TWU's law school grads continues on the east coast.Trinity Western University is in court in Nova Scotia Wednesday morning, fighting to allow graduates of its controversial school of law to work in the province.

The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society is arguing the school’s covenant, forbidding sex outside the traditional marriage of a man and a woman, is discriminatory.

The Society has already lost a court battle and is appealing a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge’s ruling, that it exceeded its authority in banning TWU grads from working in the province.

In court, the Barristers Society says the covenant means LGBTQ students aren’t being given equal opportunities at the university.

Lost in this absurdity is that fact that there are almost certainly no LGBTQ students at Trinity, nor are there ever likely to be any. Trinity is a Christian school and very few LGBTQs have any desire to be around Christians.

Then there is the fact that there are dozens of other places to get a law degree, one does not need to attend Trinity Western.

The Law Societies are clearly biased toward LGBTQs and against Christians, some of which we have brought on ourselves with un-Christ-like behaviour, and some is simply bigotry.

Wednesday is the first of three days of court proceedings.

Here in B.C., the Law Society is appealing a similar ruling.

It too doesn’t want to give TWU law school grads accreditation, due to the community covenant.

A date for that appeal has not been set yet.

Christians, please be praying for the courts to see the bigotry and absurdity of the Law Society's position.