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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

NASA, IPCC Needlessly Creating Panic About Global Warming

It has become my position that the global warming phenomenon is severely over-hyped, in particular, man's responsibility for it. 

We have reported that the IPCC predicted a 1.0 degree C rise in the global temperature between 1990 and 2025. 

Up to this winter's El Nino event (which is an outlier) the global temperature had risen only about 0.2 deg from 1990. 

That means the temperature has to rise by 0.8 deg. in the next 9 years which is precisely the rise in the global temperature since 1880 - 135 years. It would be astonishing to see a temperature rise equal to the 135 year rise in just 9 years. 

In fact, the 30 year cycle I identified of temperatures climbing then holding steady would indicate that there will be no significant temperature rise between about 2000 and 2030. This has been born-out as there has been no real temperature rise since 1998.

Now here is another near hysterical prediction by arguably the world's number one climate expert. NASA's James Hanson was quoted in the Chicago Tribune in 1988 saying that the mid-west US would suffer from very high temperatures and drought in the next decade and beyond. 

What actually happened?

Obviously the number of very hot days in the mid-west decreased over the next 25 years or so.

But what about precipitation, was he right on that?

It's obvious, at first glance, that precipitation has increased since the 1930s. Below normal precipitation is indicated by the brown bars, above normal by the green bars. You don't even have to look at the blue trend line to see the obvious.

In spite of being out to lunch on their predictions, NASA and the IPCC continue to scare gullible public and governments alike with frightening scenarios in time frames that are completely unjustifiable. Neither are they justified in blaming anthropomorphic pollution for the entire rise in global temperature. If we have contributed to the rise in temperature, I suspect that it is so infinitesimal an increment that it is beyond our capability to measure. 

So now the question is, is their science that bad, or are they intentionally attempting to create panic?