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Friday, October 9, 2015

Mideast Unrest Spreads to Gaza as Stabbings Continue

5 Palestinians killed during protest along Israel's border with Gaza
The Associated Press 
A Palestinian protester hurls stones at Israeli soldiers near Gaza City.
At least four attacks, three by Palestinians and one by an Israeli, as well as
deadly clashes along the Gaza border, are threatening to escalate
tensions throughout the country. (Adel Hana/Associated Press)
Israeli forces clashed with Palestinian demonstrators along the Gaza border on Friday, killing five of them, as a rash of stabbing attacks in Israel and the Palestinian territories, including the first apparent revenge attack by an Israeli, raised fears of wider unrest.

In the latest violence, stone-throwing Palestinians clashed with Israeli forces along the heavily guarded border.

Mideast Israel Palestinians

The Israeli military said some in the crowd of 200 Palestinians from Gaza threw rocks and rolled burning tires at soldiers. It said Israeli forces opened fire at the main instigators to stop the advance.

In Jerusalem, a Palestinian wielding a vegetable peeler stabbed and wounded a 14-year-old Israeli on Friday before being arrested. In another attack near the entrance of Kiryat Arba, a West Bank settlement, a Palestinian was shot dead by a police officer after he attacked the officer with a knife and tried to seize his weapon, police said.

In northern Israel, a 29-year-old Arab-Israeli woman was shot and wounded while attempting to stab people at a bus station in the town of Afula, where another stabbing had taken place the day before, police said.

4 Arabs stabbed in Dimona

In what appeared to be the first revenge attack amid the wave of violence, an Israeli man stabbed and wounded four Arabs in the southern Israeli city of Dimona, a police official said.

After his arrest, the man allegedly said he carried out the attacks in retaliation for the numerous Palestinian attacks, Israeli media reported.

Dimona Mayor Beni Bitton called the stabber a "mentally ill man." He told Channel 10 TV that two of the victims worked for city hall, and that passersby quickly rushed to provide first aid to the wounded Arabs.

There-in lies the difference between Arabs and Jews.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "strongly condemned the harming of innocent Arabs," saying that anyone who resorts to violence will be brought to justice.

Four Palestinians have been killed while carrying out attacks against Israelis over the past week, while another three Palestinians were killed in protests and clashes in the West Bank. The Red Crescent medical service says over 500 Palestinians have been wounded in violent protests in the West Bank since the weekend, including about 100 from live fire.

Tensions high in Jerusalem

CBC's Margaret Evans reported on Friday from one potential flashpoint for another Palestinian uprising — the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City, where two Jewish men died from stab wounds last Saturday in what is being described as "lone wolf" attacks.

Several Israel flags planted by ultra-nationalist Jews who want to settle in the district could be seen as Palestinians walked through the neighbourhood following Friday prayers at al-Aqsa mosque.

On one side of a barricade running the length of the narrow street, the Israeli government has ordered Palestinian shops to remain closed.

Most of the uprising by Palestinians is being carried out by young people. One has to wonder how much worse it has to get before Israel brings down the hammer again. One also has to wonder if Hamas is ready for another hammering like the summer of 2014? I seriously doubt it. 

And the older generation of Palestinians in Old Jerusalem, probably do not want their many benefits put at risk by reckless kids.

Could this be a case of Hamas' propaganda and brain-washing of young people, working too well?