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Friday, October 9, 2015

Am I Nuts, or What?

This is for all my friends and family who can’t understand how I can vote for Stephen Harper

There are probably 100 reasons to not vote for Stephen Harper. I am very much aware of every one of them, and I don’t disagree with very many. I am sympathetic with those of you who will vote other than Conservative, and cannot fault you in any way; in fact, for most of you the desire for a Prime Minister with higher standards of character is very admirable.

There are just a few reasons why I will vote for Stephen Harper and, in my opinion, they trump (no Donald intended) all the other reasons for not voting for him.

The first reason requires a bit of a story:

In December 2007, I saw a year-end interview with Stephen Harper. He was asked if a national daycare program was on the horizon. Harper’s answer was that there was not, that it was a time to be cautious and prudent with our finances for there may be difficult times ahead.

In February or March 2008, Harper was interviewed about the budget that had just been presented to the House. Again he was asked about a national daycare program, which, by the way, would cost in the billions of dollars every year. His answer was the same as a few months before, they (the Conservatives) saw difficult economic times ahead and it was a time to reduce debt and deficit.

Fast forward now to the fall of 2008 – it is in the middle of a general election. The Liberals, the NDP, and even the Bloc Quebecois were hammering Harper for not starting a national daycare program. It was the main plank in the Liberal and NDP platforms.

Smack in the middle of the election campaign, the wheels fell off the American economy and it was obvious that Canada’s economy would be very much affected. On that fateful weekend, the opposition parties were still pushing their national daycare programs Friday and Saturday. It was a Sunday that the US economy tanked.

Suddenly, Monday came and there was no mention of a national daycare program by any of the opposition parties. Nor was there any mention of it the rest of the campaign. That centre plank in their platforms simply disappeared over the weekend.

So the point is the Liberals and the NDP did not see the downturn coming even 48 hours ahead. They, in fact, didn’t see it until it happened. They didn’t see it in spite of Harper telling them it was coming at least 9 months in advance. These are not the people we want running the economy of the country and we would be financially irresponsible to put them in charge of it.

Without financial stability, there can be little or no progress in so many of the areas where Harper is criticized, in fact, we could lose ground in many worthwhile portfolios simply because we can’t afford it.

That’s reason number one!

Reason number 2 is Harper’s commitment to Israel. We are the best friend Israel has right now, and it would not surprise me if in a couple years’ time, we were the only friend Israel has. I don’t want to be one of those countries that abandons the Jews again in their hour of need. Even if there is little we can do to help them, not abandoning them is the right thing to do for the sake of our conscience and for the sake of our souls. 

Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau
While I’m not sure about Mulcair, I am sure Trudeau will align himself with the Palestinians against Israel. If you are pro-Palestinian, you have been duped, they are terrorists who do not want peace but only the annihilation of the Jews. If you align yourself with them, you are supporting terrorism.

Reason Number 3 – Harper is the only party leader with any understanding of the end-game that Islam is playing. Endless numbers of leaders in Islam have only one purpose in mind – a global caliphate where Sharia would be the law of the land and women would be invisible. In fact, it is the national goal for Iran. If you don’t believe me Google it; there is video after video of Muslim clerics and Imams preaching that very thing. While you are at it, check out some of my posts on Sweden and see what horrors Islam has brought to that once innocent country.

I know the vast majority of Muslim migrants are peaceful people who just want to get away from war and have a chance to get a job and raise their family. I know that! But, as the British have learned, the next generation of Muslims are far more religiously intense than their parents. And as I have documented on my blogs, even ordinary Muslims can be roused to hysteria in a matter of seconds. Harper is right to be cautious in letting Muslims into the country. We should peg the number of immigrants from Syria, etc. to the number that the Gulf States take in, which, right now, is zero. Does that seem odd to you? Or is it just me?