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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Slovakia To Accept Only Christian Refugees

Could it be that a spark of sense is starting to sneak into the EU with regard to Muslim refugees and immigration, albeit a small spark on the very fringe of the EU?

Slovakia has declared that it will only accept Christian refugees from the tens of thousands seeking asylum in Europe. Slovakia has only a very small Muslim population and has no mosque. It appears they want to keep it that way, and who can blame them. A couple decades down the road and Slovakia may be the only EU country to retain any similarity to it's long-established culture, while the rest of the EU is merrily running head-long into cultural suicide.

I have been saying for several months now that Muslim refugees should be sent to Muslim countries, and Christian refugees to Christian countries. It's a drastic measure considering most Muslims are fleeing Muslim countries. But it should be at least a minimum requirement for Muslims fleeing Muslims to renounce Islam. If they leave Muslim countries because they are unfit to live in, let them leave Islam, rather than bringing their Muslim insanity with them.

BBC News interview with EU reporter