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Monday, August 24, 2015

Insanity Reigns as Trinity Western University & B.C. Law Society Face Off in Supreme Court

The case centres around a covenant students have to sign 
that rejects same-sex marriage
CBC News
The B.C. Law Society initially accredited Trinity Western University's law
program, but then reversed its position. (Trinity Western University)
A B.C. Supreme Court judge will hear arguments this week about whether future graduates of a Christian university's law school should be able to practise in the province.

At issue is the covenant Trinity Western University's law students must sign, which says marital sex can only happen between men and women. 

"It's not for everyone, but it is important for those who would like to attend such a school," said Earl Phillips, the law school's executive director.

Phillips said not allowing the accreditation of the program would be discriminatory against the school's students.

The B.C. Law Society initially accredited the program, but then reversed its position after members voted against accreditation.

Can you say: gay lobby?

The judicial review is expected to last five days.

An Ontario court has already upheld the Ontario law society's refusal to accredit TWU graduates, while Nova Scotia's law society is appealing a court ruling that stopped it from denying accreditation to graduates.

The proposed law school has yet to open.

It's tragically funny how much society has changed in just one generation. 20, 30, 40 years ago, Trinity's standards would have been considered excessively moral. They haven't changed, but they are now considered immoral, discriminatory against gays. Even though 99.9% of gays wouldn't be caught dead in Trinity Western University - they feel discriminated against. How absurd is that? And how absurd is it that law societies and courts agree with them? Insanity reigns!