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Friday, July 4, 2014

Meriam Ibrahim May Face New Trial Thanks to Her Brother from Hell

From the Catholic Herald

The Sudanese mother who escaped the death sentence for apostasy may now face a new trial.

Meriam Ibrahim’s death sentence for marrying a Christian was revoked last month but she was held at Khartoum airport when she and her family tried to escape the country.

Meriam’s lawyer Shareif Ali Shareif told MailOnline: “Her brother [Al Samani Al Hadi] has launched a new petition to the family court to prove that Meriam is his sister.

“He does not want Meriam to travel out of Sudan. He asked the court to rule that Meriam is his sister. This would give him a legal right over her. But he does not have the authority to demand this right – it is only a father or a mother that can demand this legal status. He is doing this to prevent Meriam from travelling outside of Sudan.

I would bet that if Meriam was sign over ownership of her businesses to her brother, he would leave her alone and let her go. But I hope and pray that Sudanese authorities will see through the brother's schemes not play along with him.

“Meriam has not been officially informed of this latest move. She has not been interviewed and has not appeared in court. We [Meriam’s legal team] are aware of the new legal process but we have not received any documents as yet.”

The 27 year-old was sentenced to hang on May 15 while she was heavily pregnant with her second baby.

When she went into labour a fortnight afetrwards she was forced to give birth with shackles on her legs. Meriam has said that her baby is disabled as a result. She is believed to be currently taking refuge at the US Embassy in Khartoum.