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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Christians Win Confrontation when Bigoted City Council has Epiphany

While Christianity and gay rights collide in Northern Ireland, one matter in Canada has been resolved, as expected.

Nanaimo, British Columbia city council, in May, had sneakily stopped a leadership simulcast with some Christian content from occurring in their convention centre. It was just days before the event was to occur and no-one was informed that the issue would be discussed at the council meeting.

During the meeting Christians were referred to a 'being like criminals', divisive, and undesirable in Nanaimo. Well, as we reported, it hit the fan with a Sun News hour-long program stirring up a frenzy.
Mayor John

Since then, so many letters from offended Christians reached the Mayor and city council that they, apparently, realized for the first time that there were a lot more Christians in Nanaimo than LGBTs. 

Justin Trudeau
Liberal Leader
With an election looming in a few months, the mayor and much of the council had a sudden epiphany. The Toronto Sun called it Nanaimo Council's 'come to Jesus moment'. They backed-off, they refuted, they apologized, and they revoked the anti-Christian bill they had passed in May.

It was a brief fight that turned out for the good, but it will certainly not be the last attempt to reduce the rights of Christians to a level lower than the rights of gays and lesbians. With the possibility of a left-leaning government looming on the horizon in Canada, anything could happen.
Pierre Trudeau

It was Pierre Trudeau in the 1960s who closed the bedroom doors and opened the closets for gays and lesbians. He turned Canada from a 'moral' society to a 'just' society. There-in lies the foundation of the confrontation that has recently begun; one that Christians will not win.

What is really scary now, is that the above-mentioned left-leaning government, should it arise, will be led by the son of Pierre Trudeau, who, if possible, is more bold and brash than his father. God only knows what he is likely to do.