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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mosquitoes - To Cluster or not to Cluster

“Look out for the mosquitoes,” my wife warned me, “there’s a whole bunch of them in the back yard.”

Those aren’t mosquitoes,” I retort, “they’re too small and mosquitoes don’t cluster like that.” Or so I thought.

I just returned from my evening walk and ran straight into a large cluster of mosquitoes, the biting kind. 
Fortunately, I managed to escape without donating blood. But I’m confused, do mosquitoes cluster or not?

I remember a canoe trip to northern Ontario about 40 years ago. Coming from Nova Scotia, I thought I knew mosquitoes but my eyes were opened to a new reality on the Groundhog River. As soon as the rain started, about an hour after we put our canoe in the water, they suddenly materialized out of thin air, billions of them. So thick you could hardly see through them.

It was a cluster, a really, really big cluster, about 150,000 square miles ending at the Saskatchewan border. I gave enough blood that week to save 17 lives.

Where did mosquitoes come from? Did God make them? Of course, God made everything, but surely He didn't make them to bite and suck blood in the Garden of Eden? That would have happened after the expulsion from the Garden and God’s cursing the earth. So mosquitoes must be part of the curse. They certainly invoke some cursing from some victims.

Will there be mosquitoes in Heaven? If there are what will they eat, or will they eat? They may actually be fun to play with in Heaven, though I can’t imagine how right now.